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Results of the ninth edition of the pearl competition!

“The competition for architects and interior designers – users of CAD Decor and CAD Decor PRO programs” is already very well known to you. We have been organizing it together with the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” since 2012 and every year we are delighted with the residential and commercial interior designs that you share with us. This year’s edition made us especially happy, due to the number of competition entries, as well as their diversity.

The competition task was to create any interior with specially selected collections of ceramic tiles awarded with the title of Pearl of Ceramics EU 2020, Pearl of Ceramics of Distributors 2020 or Pearl of Ceramics of Designers – CAD Decor 2020 users. The complete freedom of design resulted in almost 50 daring concepts, which very often had the theme of weelbeing and functionality of small rooms or references to nature. Most of the projects were also very trendy 😉 and the designed bathrooms, which were traditionally the most popular, featured large-format tiles, natural materials and lots of colour.

The competition, which started in mid-2020, consisted, as always, of 2 parts. In the first part, after each of the three editions of the PEARLS of CREAMICS EU 2020 competition, users of our programs voted for their favorite collections, awarding 3 Designers’ Pearls – CAD Decor 2020 users. Congratulations to the nominated and awarded producers and we encourage you to check these collections if they are not your favorites yet.

The second part belonged to interior designers and your amazing projects♥ Although the choice was not easy and we received a lot of ambitious and unique applications, the Jury chaired by Magdalena Kaliszuk-Barańska (interior designer, Interior Architecture Section of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers) selected three most interesting works .

  • 1st prize – Żaneta Galor, Ante Studio Projektowania Wnętrz – PLN 4,000 net and a voucher worth PLN 2,500 to be used for purchases of applications or services at CAD Projekt K&A;
  • 2nd prize – Magdalena Rutkowska, 6 Walls Studio – 2000 PLN net and a two-day training in the use of CAD Projekt K&A tools;
  • 3rd prize – Emilia Korabiec-Ziółkowska, Emilia Korabiec Design – 1000 PLN net and a one-day training in the use of CAD Projekt K&A tools.

Projects awarded in the PEARL of CERAMICS EU 2020 competition will also be presented in the next issues of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” in 2021 and on the website These media are a popular and respected contact platform with manufacturers of ceramic tiles and other wall and floor coverings.

1st prize – music cafe “Unisono” – Żaneta Galor, Ante Studio Projektowania Wnętrz.

Ambitious concept and perfection in every detail as well as an amazing musical flow.

Project description @ Żaneta Garol:

“The inspiration for creating this project was music. The cafe is located in a domed building, the central point of this interior is the stairs leading to the mezzanine, the structure of which is designed in such a way that the three-dimensional layout resembles a musical notation. It creates a kind of sculpture which, when lit in the evening, becomes an illumination that creates an extraordinary element of the interior. Ceramic tiles from the CRAFTLAND collection of Ceramika Paradyż were used on it in two colors: light and naturale, and in the following formats – 14,8 x 119,8 and 14,8 x 89,8 cm. Their pattern inspired by nature and the colors of the earth together with the backlights used are a harmonious arrangement and harmonize with the outside world.

The tiles were also used as a cladding for the bar wall, in which recesses were designed to form the display area. The wall covering flows smoothly onto the floor. This fragment guides users outside, indicating the location of tables located on the terrace around the cafe. This space, with its form, design, and creation, puts the user in a good mood, because in unison music it is a perfect harmony.

In this project, function, composition, light and materials harmoniously harmonize with each other. This place prepares the user for another extraordinary experience.”

2nd prize – a separate part of a single-family house – Magdalena Rutkowska, 6 Walls Studio.

My place on earth, naturally …

Project description @Magdalena Rutkowska:

“The 36,41 m2 interior, which is the private part of a single-family house, has been divided into 4 separate zones: a wardrobe, bathroom, communication and bedroom.

Two of them are separated by large sliding doors that ensure privacy in the bathroom and allow you to cover the open wardrobe in the dressing room. The next two zones are open areas: the communication part separating the bathroom and the wardrobe from the sleeping area on a raised floor with a height of 15 cm. The floor in the bedroom is lined with light oak planks, while the floors in the other zones are tiles from the HERA collection by Ceramica Limone in brown and the format 59,7 x 119,7 cm. The same tile is also used on selected walls in the bathroom and the seat in the communication part.

The colors of all rooms are inspired by the colors of nature, but kept in a monochrome convention. There are beige on the walls and ceilings, rubbed browns on tiles imitating brown earth or rocks, gray and beige fabrics, natural wood. A black and white mural with a landscape of mountains and forests was used to emphasize the location of the house, which is located in an area surrounded by trees. Metal fittings such as: profile structure behind the bed; mirror frame in communications; dressing table leg; sliding door frames or a towel rail in the bathroom bring a certain austerity to the arrangement, but thanks to the use of warm colors such as beige and warm light colors in suspended ceilings, it makes the interior cozy and pleasant to use. “

3rd prize – hairdressing salon – Emilia Korabiec-Ziółkowska, Emilia Korabiec Design.

A moment for yourself in a glamor style.

Project description @Emilia Korabiec: “The basic assumption of the project was to create a design that would make every woman who crosses the threshold of a hairdressing salon feel special. The space was supposed to maintain a modern character, and strong and golden accents would add elegance to it. The large-format stoneware of the Tubądzin Group, with its southern name MARMO D’ORO, which was awarded the Pearl of Ceramics EU 2020, proved to be perfect. The choice of a tile in the format of 119,8 x 239,8 cm was not insignificant, both for practical and aesthetic reasons – a small number of joints (in the case of the specificity of the place and work with coloring products, this is an argument that cannot be overestimated) and the achievement of visual continuity marble pattern.

The excellent parameters of the tiles and the satin finish allowed for the safe use of the product on the entire floor of the living room. In the project, I also decided to use a large number of live plants, the color of which I emphasized with TIN tiles by MONOLOTH from the Tubądzin Group in the color graphite lappato 119,8 x 239,8 cm. The tiles blend in with the upholstered headboard and give a strong character to the space intended for the waiting room.

The living room is 90 m2. The assumption that was fully implemented was to place eight hairdressing stations in this space, separated from each other by white, delicate lamellas in a matte finish. There is a huge mirror with backlight next to each. Behind the mirror, I placed a hidden wardrobe for hairdressing products, which made handy tables often used in hairdressing unnecessary.

I decided to locate a reception desk in the center of the salon, and a hairdressing laboratory on the other side. At the end of the salon, there are washers, directed so that the client can admire the views outside the huge window during the treatments. A large amount of glazing and an open space give the room a lot of light all day long. “

Thank you for your projects, both the awarded ones and all the others you sent to us. Congratulations to all users of our programs in the competition, especially to those who have made their debut in our competition in such large numbers. Many of your projects delighted us, and you can see them in the competition presentation attached on the right. Regardless of whether you are an interior designer, a fan of beautiful spaces or a manufacturer of interior furnishings, you will find plenty of inspiration and the rhythm of the latest trends there. I will say spring guaranteed♥

The collections awarded with the title PEARL of CERAMICS of DISTRIBUTORS and PEARL of CERAMICS OF DESIGNERS create a unique base of PEARL of CERAMICS EU 2020, which you will find in our programs. In three votes for the PEARLof CERAMICS OF DESIGNERS you appreciated: COLOR CRUSH by Opoczno, CURIO by Tubądzin Group and GRANDEROCA by Ceramstic.

Are you wondering what other competition projects looked like and whether your project also won our heart? Or maybe you are interested in a comprehensive summary of the next edition of the PEARL of CERAMICS competition?

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