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Sigma Coatings – a new brand in the Paint Module

The principle of operation in the Paint Module, available in all our programs, has not changed. Functionalities and interface look the same, but we took care of the freedom in your design, adding another brand to your choice. We provide the new Sigma product database with the update of our software from June 18, which you will receive in your online updater. Due to compatibility only with the latest versions of our CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens programs, Sigma paints will be available only to customers with an active service package.

Sigma Coatings has been offering premium products for years. In their assortment they have the highest quality paints for internal and external use, enamels, wood protection measures, bases and grounds. This season, the novelty is sol-silicate mineral paint – Sigma Mineral Topcoat. The history of the brand dates back to 1722, when the first company in the world called Schoen & Son, which produced paints, was founded near Amsterdam! The Sigma Coatings brand appeared for the first time in 1972, after the merger of the three largest paint manufacturers.

Together with the Sigma brand, we have prepared a database of 1170 unique colours in the CHROMATIC® palette for designers using our interior design programs. Sigma is a brand that thanks to the combination of innovative technologies with uncompromising product quality has become one of the most popular brands in the Benelux countries and take a significant position among professionals in Germany, France, Denmark, Italy and Poland. A wide range of products, technical support of the producer at each stage of the investment allowed to build the image of a strong brand enjoying high trust among architects, designers, investors and contractors.

What stand out the Sigma brand on the market?

Over 6000 colours of paints in the modern Color Pro colouring system give you a great opportunity to match the colours to the project and put them together. Countless combinations allow you to realize the boldest visions of architects, designers, create interiors with a unique character.

The main products of the Sigma brand include, above all, specialist systems of interior, facade, decorative paints and enamels for wood and metal. The paints are distinguished by the highest quality of Superior / Premium, they ensure the durability of the facades of buildings and interiors and help solve any technical problem related to their implementation.

The Sigma brand offer includes:

  • Ceramic paints, which due to the content of ceramic components and resins, are characterized by excellent adhesion and flexibility during application.

  • Paints intended for objects requiring optimal hygiene conditions (hospitals, clinics, doctors offices). They contain an innovative formula of silver ions, allowing to fight bacteria and fungi harmful to health.

A full range of paint colours Sigma Coatings allows you to create unique things: combine the creative concept of architects and designers, the art of painters with a harmonious composition of the building in its natural surroundings.

The Sigma paint base is distributed together with the CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens software updates, only via an online updater. You must have an active service pack to use the new colours in the Paint Module.

Do you want to see how to work with Sigma paints in the Paint Module? See our less than 4 minute instructional video, and everything will be clear 🙂

Remind yourself how to work in the Paint module. We have updated our operation manual with the new Sigma brand.

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