besco mini
The new base of Besco bathroom equipment

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the next, this year’s new manufacturer in our database of 3D models. This time it is a Polish company Besco, producing high quality bathroom equipment. More information in the entry.

Bianco mini
Update of Forte furniture base

We have prepared another update of the FORTE brand database – a furniture manufacturer with whom we have been associated almost from the beginning of CAD Projekt K&A. We encourage you to download the latest collection of this very experienced manufacturer.

Zehnder miniatura
Database of Zehnder decorative radiator models

Over the last few years Interior heating systems became more and more invisible. Hidden in the floors and under the windowsills, they brought nothing but warmth inside. Meanwhile in the Polish market is a distinctive producer whose new database of 3D models has just appeared in our programs. Meet the Zehnder company, which offers art works for effective interior heating.

OP-ARTY decor saleve nut - lacquer yellow mat_must have
The company Deftrans updates the database of products by Defra

The new Defra product base includes over 500 models of cabinets, basins and mirrors, among them, the OP-ARTY collection, also awarded in the MUST HAVE 2017 plebiscite organized as part of the Łódź Design Festival. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the new products.

More than 500 Laufen 3D models in our programs

We have renewed our cooperation with the Laufen brand and we give you a new product base for this popular brand. In the new Laufen base you will find several hundred 3D models, including the Ino, Val series. Laufen is compatible with CAD Decor RPO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens.