pearls of ceramics

Results of the ninth edition of the pearl competition!

This year’s edition of the pearl competition was unique, just like the times we currently live in. This is the ninth edition of this event, which we organize together with the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” only for users of our programs. This year, the awarded projects are bold, innovative and optimistic. Just beautiful.

Pearl competition for designers to start!

Recently, probably each of us appreciates freedom and a little breath … Therefore, the design task in this year’s “Competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor program users” is full freedom, and the only requirement is to use at least one collection of tiles awarded in the PEARLS of CERAMICS EU 2020 competition. You have time for this task until the end of March, and you can win specific cash prizes and trainings.

Choose your “pearl” collection in the last vote!

The third and last edition of the PEARLS OF CERAMICS EU 2020 competition ended at the beginning of December. The jury nominated 15 collections of ceramic tiles reflecting the latest interior design trends. Now it’s time for you! Use our pearl database, where you will find all the most appreciated news and vote for your favorite collection.

This is the second voting under the PEARLS OF CERAMICS UE!

The second edition of the well-known Pearls of Ceramics UE ended at the end of September. The jury has selected for you as many as 22 of the best and latest collections, which you can find in the next database of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2020 2nd edition. Vote for your favorite collection by the end of October.

The results of the eighth edition of the pearl competition!

When, in last year’s edition of our competition, we decided for the first time to prepare a specific project task for you, we did not expect such professional and diverse projects. This year it was similar. The eighth edition of the pearl competition gave us a lot of inspiration. Be sure to see the best projects.

A house for two in a designer competition!

Which one once? The “competition for architects and interior designers” is already in its eighth edition. Selected and most popular brands in our unique Pearls of Ceramics UE 2019 database and an interesting design challenge are already waiting for you!

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