pearls of ceramics

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Pearls of Ceramics – III vote

Today we are starting the last pearly vote. However, before you sit down to the design task that we are preparing for you at the competition stage, familiarize yourself with the next selection of new products on the market and use our tile database.

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The HIKA collection from Cersanit wins the second pearl!

On 29 September, the designers’ second vote in the framework of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2019, in which we are a partner, ended. And for eight years! . In the second edition of the PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2019 competition, the jury nominated 9 collections. The HIKA collection – the Cersanit brand – won the most votes.

Pearls of Ceramics – II vote

Thanks to cooperation with the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” we have been a partner of the Pearls of Ceramics UE competition for eight years! The second vote for your favorite tiles collection started yesterday. The race for the second “Pearl of Ceramics Designers – CAD Decor 2019 users” will last until 29 September.

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A pearl competition for the eighth time!

We have been a partner of the PEREŁ CERAMIKI UE competition since 2012, each year preparing for you special bases of selected ceramic tiles and wall claddings and a design competition at the end of the year. We try again and we count on your activity. We always start our “pearl” adventure from the first base and the first vote.

Results of seventh edition of the “pearl” competition!

Although the “pearl” competition, together with our partner – the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych”, we organized for the seventh time, its resolution surprised us again. It turned out that the design case is a challenge for the users of our programs, which they managed very well.

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Lucky competition for designers!

The end of the year is very intense for us, both news in the programs and our activity in the interior design industry. The seventh edition of the “Competition for architects and interior designers” under a lucky star is a good sign, especially for the changes we introduced in the competition task.

Dunin’s Mosaic collection awarded with the third pearl!

We already know the winning collection in the last “pearl” vote, which received the title “Pearls of Ceramics of Designers – CAD Decor users”. The winning collection of Mosaics Hexagon, Hexagonic, Mini Fish Scale, Mini Rombic from Dunin is an alternative to traditional square tiles that gives the interior a unique character.

perly_2018_IIIglosowanie mini
Third and last vote for the Pearl of Ceramics!

We are starting the third vote for the Pearl of Ceramics Designers, so we are already at the end of the well-known nominations for “Pearls of Ceramics”! Our “Competition for Architects and Interior Designers – Users of the CAD Decor 2018 Program” will also be started soon. In the meantime, vote for the last time and inspire yourself with the best products.

perly_2018_IIglosowanie mini
Second vote for the Pearl of Ceramics!

The school year started, and holidays are slowly coming to an end. Strengthened by summer inspirations, we sit down to projects and face new challenges. For a good and creative start, we encourage you to the second “pearl” vote and fitting on the next editions of our design contest “Pearls of Ceramics UE”.

The next Pearls started!

It’s even harder to count, which is the edition of the UE Pearls of Ceramics with our participation … it was a bit of them. So far, we have always given you full freedom in design. The only limitation was the need to use ceramic tiles awarded the title of the UE Pearl of Ceramics. This year, we focused on a new, more precise competition task.