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Lis Ceramika – see what’s new for this season

The collections of ceramic tiles were created for all those who look for original solutions and at the same time very functional. The combination of these two features allowed to create tiles ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, but also for the terrace or stairs.

Opoczno – new tile patterns

New collections of rectified wall tiles by Opoczno in the 24 × 74 and 30 × 60 format and the wood-like series of Wood Concept Opoczno have been enriched with new tile patterns.

Paradyż Ceramika – the power of nature

Discover the wide range of new products, including the following collections: Burlington, Garden, Madera, Minister, Optimal, Path, Rustic Gold, Sherwood, Terrace, Wetwood, Willow, Artstone, Elegantstone, Lightstone, Linearstone, Marvelstone, Smoothstone, Wonderstone.

SWISS KRONO – the best foundation for your interior

How to feel good in your own home? It does not matter if our apartment has 25 or 200 m2. It is important to understand how much our home affects our lives and that it is worth using only the best quality materials. The latest collections will surely prove themselves in your home, creating the perfect foundation for further arrangement.

Konskie Ceramics – botanical prints

Botanical prints, raw minimalist concrete, classic white in combination with a wood-like French herringbone pattern create the basis for unlimited interior design possibilities. Create your dream living room, bathroom or terrace spaces while enjoying the timeless design.

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EVO Ceramika – tiles inspired by nature

The timeless charm of wood-inspired tiles and the design directly imitating the pattern of stone and marble, combined with a large format, is one of the most desirable methods used in interior design.

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Paradyż My Way – new collection

Surprise your customers with new possibilities and add style to their interior. Modern decors with glass elements, metallic, pearl or mirror finishes will surely add class. Among the 8 new collections you will also find the most fashionable patterns of wood, cement and natural stone combined with dark navy blue and deep green.

Paradyż Ceramika – industrial novelties

Industrial spaces gain new possibilities thanks to the new collections: Industrialdust, Desertdust, Granddust, Silkdust, Moondust, Sunnydust, combined with minimalist furnishings, tiles will create the perfect space. They will create a unique Home of Concret.

Ceramika Nowa Gala – dream tiles

A wide selection of formats, colors, typologies and surface types make the new Ceramika Nowa Gala product base attractive. The offer, refined for a demanding investment client, is also perfect for private investors, giving virtually unlimited possibilities in the implementation of even the most demanding projects.

Tubądzin Monolith – a new face of elegance

The latest collections of large-format tiles by Monolith are a combination of the timeless beauty of stone and inspiration by nature, which constantly delights the designers of Ceramika Tubądzin. Enter the world of Monolith tiles.

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Opoczno – new unique collections

In the latest collections you will find 11 proposals of polished tiles and 2 matt tiles in three formats: 60×60, 80×80 and 60×120, being a solution for both original commercial spaces and non-standard private investments.

Ceramika Color – discover great design

The range of Ceramika Color products was created with the diverse needs of customers in mind. Fashionable patterns and delightful colors will prove perfect in many modern rooms and bold arrangements. Among them, we can distinguish geometric motifs or those referring to nature in their texture.

News from Biuro Styl

The collection has been enriched with 35 new products. The decors that respond to changing trends and customer needs are primarily modern concrete, precious stones and natural wood patterns. When creating a collection of 120 decors, the company focused on timelessness and elegance without avoiding bold and unconventional choices.

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