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f you do not know our software for architects yet, you don’t have to decide to buy it right away. We offer a very simple and attractive solution, which for a small fee, gives you the opportunity to work on the full version of our software for a specified period of time – a time key. This allows you to get acquainted with the interface and functionalities of professional interior design software: CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor or CAD Kitchens. The choice is yours.

For 30 days You can work on full, comercial versions of our programs by temporary key. It’s cost only 55 Euro!
Contact our Sales Department for the optimal key configuration and more details.



hoosing the right program for interior desing is not an easy decision to make and have to be thought through. This is why we offer You a possibility to check our programs for an affordable price – 55 Euro –  for 30 days. Contact our Sales Department for the optimal key configuration and more details.

1st step
wypełnienie formularza kontaktowego on line lub bezpośredni kontakt z naszym działem handlowym
2nd step
po otrzymaniu wypełnionego formularza jeden z naszych Product Managerów z Działu Handlowego skontaktuje się z Tobą aby pomóc w konfiguracji klucza czasowego i zrealizować ewentualne zamówienie.

Notice! The shipping cost will be added to the price of purchased software (to be agreed before the purchase).
Every customer is entitled to purchase only one-time key in the configuration of their choice! After the expiry date of the temporary key You can either purchase a license unlimited in time (in such case we will send You new codes for the same dongle) or resign, and the dongle will simply stop working.



wa razy w tygodniu w trakcie 60 minutowego webinarium tworzymy projekt pomieszczenia, pokazując wszystkie najważniejsze etapy tego procesu. Pokazujemy jak zaprojektować dowolne pomieszczenie płynnie i efektownie w czasie rzeczywistym, mając na uwadze Państwa indywidualne potrzeby.

WTORKI 13:00 CAD Decor PRO
CZWARTKI 13:00 CAD Kuchnie

Do you have any more questions?

Great! You can contact as soon as possible with any of the Product Managers from our Sales Department.