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The database of Roca 3D models is even richer

Roca is a world leader in the sector of comprehensive bathroom furnishings. The company’s offer includes, among others: ceramics, faucets, concealed frames, bathtubs, cabins, shower trays, bathroom furniture and accessories that fit into the current trends in interior design. A wide range of products allows them to be used both in private spaces as well as in commercial spaces. The company’s products can be found in 170 countries around the world. The group dominates not only the markets of Europe, but also Latin America, India and Russia. It is also successfully operating in China. In the latest product database you will find 140 new items, including: Inspira washbasins and toilet bowls, Insignia and Nadia taps in Titanium black finish, Aquos and Terran shower trays in new sizes.

More information on the manufacturer’s website.

The Roca database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. It can also be downloaded using the internet updater or by clicking on the link below.


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