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The House of Tones collection of the Tubądzin Group awarded with the second pearl in 2018!

Nominations in the PEARLS OF CERAMICS UE competition are each time awarded by a jury composed of people professionally associated with industrial design, architecture and interior design as well as representatives of the “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” editorial office. At the final stage, nominated in three editions collections are granted the titles of Pearls of Ceramics UE, Pearl of Ceramics of Distributors, and our Pearl of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor. The most titled producer will receive the Great Pearl of UE Ceramics.

In the past month, the voters chose from among 9 nominated collections, which you can see on our partner’s website – “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” magazine. The prestigious title of “Pearls of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor 2018” was awarded to the House of Tones collection of the Tubądzin Group. The HOUSE OF TONES collection belonged to the premium category. Tiles with subdued colours and patterns resembling fabrics and structural decorations coated with platinum or gold will certainly fit into modern interiors. If we want to create a cosy home spa, we can use tiles with a motif of a wool weave from the same collection. Check the next variants of the arrangement using this collection on the manufacturer’s website.

Thank you for voting! The editorial office of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” also chose a designer who will be able to present his project for free in the magazine. This person is Mrs Sylwia Skóra from Art Decore. Congratulations!

Remember also about our unique PC UE database 2018 – the second vote, which you can find on our website and the competition website. All nominated tiles can be tested in your projects at any time.

The last vote will take place in November this year, and then our design competition. This year, competition designs will be made based on the projection of the room (to choose an apartment 74m2 and office 56m2). Traditionally, the project will have to include at least one collection of ceramic tiles awarded with the title of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2018, Pearl of Ceramics of Distributors 2018 or Pearl of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor 2018. “Competition for architects and interior designers – users of the CAD Decor 2018 ” is scheduled for 03.12.2018. until 03.02.2019. We will keep you updated on the following stages, also on the competition website ->

Questions regarding the PEARLS OF CERAMICS 2018 contest and vote for the Pearls of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor 2018, please send to, and soon we will give you the Regulations and details of the seventh edition of “Competition for architects and interior designers – users CAD Decor “.

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