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The new edition of the Elita competition

Another edition of the competition

Another edition of the competition for designers and enthusiasts of design, which we patronize, has started. This year under a new name: Bathroom with Vision 2021. Does the new name herald other changes?

The goal remains the same – to highlight the professionalism and ingenuity of the creators who present their views on bathroom design and trends in an interesting way. Competition task? About this right away, because it should be mentioned first that there is an even larger prize pool than before.

When assessing the project, the following criteria will be taken into account: timeliness of submission, compliance with the subject of the Competition, inclusion of the project in current trends, originality of the project, quality of performance, functionality, ingenuity and aesthetic values.

Competition task

Just like last year, the competition task is to create a bathroom design using products from the Elite 2021 offer available in our programs: CAD Decor or CAD Decor PRO. The bathroom presented in the project is to be an independent, functional and stylish room. It can have a window, sloping walls and recesses, it’s up to you.

Until when can I submit my project? Projects sent by 30 September 2021 by 23:59:59 will be taken into account.

👉More information can be found at:

Attractive prizes to win!

Main prize: PLN 5,000 and a license for CAD Decor PRO 3.X for a period of 12 months
2nd prize: PLN 3,000
3rd place prize: PLN 2,000

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