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The next Pearls started!

Thanks to the cooperation with the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych”, we are a partner of the PEREŁ CERAMIKI UE competition since 2012. The “pearly” plebiscite itself has an even longer history, and its subsequent editions select the best and most modern products in the ceramic tiles industry and other wall and floor facings. We are organizing a “competition for architects and interior designers – users of the CAD Decor program” together with the quarterly only for users of our programs. Every year we prepare for you a database of tiles with all nominated and awarded collections, we suggest how to design and we provide attractive prizes. Each edition also ends with celebration. The Gala of the Laureates of the Pearls of Ceramics UE competition, organized at the beginning of the next year (just after the end of the competition) is always a great opportunity to present your projects and establish a relationship with representatives of the awarded brands and producers.

We also want you to have access to new products and a catalog of products carefully selected by industry specialists every year. As part of the PERŁY CERAMIKI UE 2018 competition, just as during the previous 13 views, three equivalent editions of the nomination will take place first. Nominations are granted by a jury composed of people professionally associated with industrial design, architecture and interior design as well as representatives of the “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” editorial office. At the final stage, nominated in three editions of the collections, titles are awarded to Pearl of Ceramics UE, Pearl of Ceramics of Distributors, and our Pearl of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor. The most successful producer will receive the Great Pearl of Ceramics EU 2018.

In the first edition of the Pearls of Ceramics UE 2018 competition, the jury decided about 24 nominations! We encourage you to read the description and GALLERY of the nominated tiles on the website of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych”.

Our first vote is from June 27 to July 11. As always, we have prepared, of course, the basis of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2018 – I vote, which can be downloaded at any time on our website. You will also find it in our newsletters reminding you about the vote. We hope that the design with the nominated tiles will be faster and easier and will allow you to look closely at each collection. We are waiting for your votes for your favorite ceramic tile collections until July 11!

How to vote?

Votes for the selected collection of tiles should be sent to: until July 11 to midnight, providing in the e-mail: collection name, name of the manufacturer or brand of tiles and your details (name, surname, name of the studio, telephone number) , address for correspondence). You can also use the simple and fast to fill in the voting form for your favourite collection!

For what?

After the vote, the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” will select one person who will be able to present project for free in the magazine! In addition, all persons participating in the voting can place their business cards on the website of the magazine for free in the tab “Designers and architects cooperating with the editorial office”. This is not the end of surprises, for the fastest supporters of our vote we have three sets of gifts!

Do not miss this! We invite all users of our programs to start their “pearl” adventure. Two more votes will be carried out in September and November this year, just after the end of the next two PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 editions. Our competition will take place at the turn of 2018/2019, about which we will keep you posted on the competition website.

And what next?

It changed a bit this year. We have a new and specific competition task to give your competition projects a consistent message of functional design for specific recipient and its needs. This year, competition designs will be made on the basis of a room projection, a choice of a flat of 74 m2 and an office of 56 m2. Of course, with the use of ceramic tiles awarded with the title of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2018, the pearl of ceramics distributors 2018 or the pearl of ceramic designers – users of CAD Decor 2018. “Contest for architects and interior designers – users of the CAD Decor 2018 program” we predicted for the period 03.12.2018 – 03.02.2019.

The raspberry logo of this year’s PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 is a big dose of energy for us. We hope that all changes will also inspire you to design boldly and wisely vote. Pearl users of our programs to start!

Our “pearly” vote for the first “Pearl of Ceramics Designers – users of CAD Decor 2018” runs from June 27 to July 11.

The PEARL of CERAMICS UE 2018 database – The first vote is waiting for you, to be downloaded at any time on our website. You will also find it in our newsletters and on the contest website: Take advantage of the opportunity to take a closer look at your favourite collection and check it in your projects thanks to our database.

Below we place a link to download the database in a zip file (just unpack, install and ready).

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