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The photo contest OUR LAZIENKI 2020 – know the winners!

Photo Contest Trends change like in a kaleidoscope, and the décor of the spaces that surround us every day changes with them. Over the years, the bathroom has changed its purpose. Today it is no longer just a soulless and cold place intended only for hygienic rituals, but also serves as a bathing salon where you can relax like in the best spa.

How to arrange a dream bathroom? This question is asked by everyone who is facing this arrangement challenge. Formerly smooth tiles, most often in one color, today colorful mosaics and natural stones with attractive structures. Hexagons, arabesques, fish scales and fashionable concretes. The market is saturated with the enormity of possibilities, patterns, colors and structures, therefore everyone can create the bathroom of their dreams. See how the participants of the 12th edition of the OUR BATHROOMS 2020 Photo Contest coped with this task.

Among the submitted works, we could observe various styles, from industrial black with concrete and botanical accessories, ultra-fashionable Moroccan patterns, to the French chic of bianco carrara marble and shiny gold. The jury of the competition, which also included our company CAD Projekt K&A, selected the three best works, appreciating the others with additional prizes.

1st place – Anna K – presenting a modern, wood-insulated, black and gray bathroom with an eye-catching moss wall.

2nd place – Paweł W – for the arrangement of a small, spacious bathroom, inspired by the industrial and Scandinavian style.

3rd place – Agnieszka R-W – for style and class in the use of marble and gold, creating a feminine space inspired by the French style.

The photos of: Justyna K, Agnieszka K, Natalia S-M were awarded, which presented their bathroom spaces in an interesting way.

Thank you for participating and we invite you to the next editions of the competition♥

See all the works of the participants of the 12th edition of the “OUR BATHROOMS 2020”

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