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The results of the eighth edition of the pearl competition!

This year in the “Competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor users” we asked you to implement a popular architectural concept, the so-called Couple Hause with a total area of ~ 118 m2. The interior prepared for you was unique. It used to be a paper factory, hence huge windows and an unusual entresol. We gave this apartment to a young ambitious couple and met professionally managers from Poznań and waited for your creations 🙂

The competition task was not easy, but many users of our interior design programs coped with it great and very creatively. The word QUALITY was most often repeated on the occasion of the Winners of the EU Pearls of Ceramics 2019 competition, not only on the occasion of award-winning ceramic tiles, but also in the context of submitted competition projects.

The Gala of the Winners of the UE Pearls of CERAMICS 2019 competition was organized on March 10 by the quarterly “Around Ceramic Tiles” at the NOT Tech House in Warsaw. Since 2012, CAD Projekt K&A has been a co-organizer of this unique event and competition FULL UE CERAMICS. The aim of the competition is to promote ceramic tiles available on the Polish market that are distinguished by design and innovation, and to connect 2 worlds distant from each other on a daily basis. The world of the best Polish and foreign brands as well as creative designers and interior architects. The 16th jubilee edition of the competition was held under the honorary patronage of the Association of Polish Architects, and the partner of the Winners Gala was the company Main Laboratory Sassuolo, which comprehensively controls the quality of ceramic tiles, sanitary products and natural stones or construction adhesives, as well as the production of equipment used to control the quality of the material. A large group of guests appeared at the Gala, including honorary guests, including Bohdan Lisowski, President of the Association of Polish Architects, Roman Sobczak, Director of the Construction Products Department of the Main Office of Building Supervision, Jerzy Grochulski, Vice President of Foreign Affairs of the Association of Polish Architects, Rafał Rokiciński, Member of the Board of the Association of Polish Architects and our awarded interior designers and tile manufacturers. For us, however, the most important was the presence of designers who almost came together to collect their awards: 1st prize – Joanna Ignaczak, 2nd prize – Izabela Piotrowska and 3rd prize – Anna Wejksznia and distinctions – Lidia Michoń – Szymczak.

The winning design of Joanna Ignaczak was awarded for the use of tiles as wall decorations, as well as for a very consistent colour and skillful combination of various collections and manufacturers, as well as an interesting combination of tiles with other interior elements. An additional advantage was the complete preparation of the project. The second place was awarded to Izabela Piotrowska, who was already awarded by us in one of the previous edition for eco house. The concept of the winner at Couple Hause again proved to be very revealing and creative, and Ms. Izabela was the only one who changed the functional distribution of the competition task. The award was also granted for an interesting combination of various tile collections from different manufacturers and a good game of formats, as well as a calm colour composition that fits well with current design trends. Anna Wejksznia’s design The competition jury appreciated, above all, for the good technical development of the design, the large number of collections used, which fit well into the loft character of the interior, as well as the skillful use of a yellow accent. The jury also awarded the design of Lidia Michoń-Szymczak for perfectly prepared documentation, good combination of tile formats and colours matching the character of the interior. In this design, we can also observe the skilful use of tiles in the 120 x 280 cm format consisting of making jointless cladding at the bathroom height.

After the official part, we still had time to discuss projects and the recently dynamic ceramic tile market or the entire interior design industry. We had to share our winners with representatives of ceramic tile manufacturers and the Association of Polish Architects or trade publications, as their unique designs attracted a lot of interest and sincere congratulations.

Congratulations once again to all winners and contest participants! We present your works with great satisfaction and pleasure. See the competition presentation of UE Pearls of CERAMICS 2019! We also invite you to browse our two albums of projects on our Fanpage →

In the UE Pearls of Ceramics 2019 competition, 31 UE Pearls of Ceramics 2019 titles, 9 titles of Pearls of Ceramics of Distributors 2019 and 3 titles of Pearls of Ceramics of Designers – CAD Decor 2019 users were awarded. Two companies received the most nominations and awards – Cerrad Sp. z o.o, who received the 2019 UE Great Pearl of Ceramics and CERSANIT S.A., which was awarded the 2019 UE Great Pearl of Ceramics with Diamonds, because in the previous two editions of the competition he was already the winner of the Great Pearl of Ceramics UE. Download our UE PEARL of CERAMICS 2018 database and use carefully selected and prepared collections, inspired by the best designs!

Collections awarded with the title of UE Pearl of Ceramics 2019, PEARL of CERAMICS OF DISTRIBUTORS 2019 and PEARL OF CERAMICS OF DESIGNERS – CAD Decor 2019 users, make up the unique database of PERL OF CERAMICS UE 2019. Collections most appreciated by you are: FRATTO – brands AG Home, HIKA – brands Cersanit and LOVE YOU NAVY – Opoczno brands. All the awarded collections can be found in your online update program, CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Modules as well as on our website with databases under the name UE PEARL of CERAMICS.

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