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The results of the Photo Competition Our bathrooms 2019 – XI edition

Home bathrooms are increasingly becoming elegant rooms that we want to brag about. Interior design trends for 2019 announced a departure from the Scandinavian style bathrooms, popular in recent years. The bathrooms have colours and effective accessories.

Some time ago we encouraged you to participate in the annual photo competition, which we are patrons. Now is the time for results. CAD Project K&A helped the organizers choose the winning, most interesting photo of the original bathroom. The choice was not easy.

The first place was taken by Monika M. It is a truly feminine and delicate bathroom with original accessories. The most beautiful elements are undoubtedly rose gold lamps. Congratulations on winning!

Second place is the total opposite of the main prize. This is the bathroom of Justyna K. Dark, which gives it elegance, but contrary to appearances, it is closer to a Scandinavian cottage. A lot of wood here, the cabinet under the washbasin is a piece of furniture from the previous era that received a second life. And this bathtub against the background of a wooden wall…

Third place went to Magdalena G. and her lovely little bathroom. It’s cozy, it’s natural. We really like the dark wooden floor and towel rack. A great project!

This year one bathroom has been additionally awarded – congratulations to Iza Ś.

Women dominated this year’s edition. Bravo for all ladies!

All competition photos can be seen by clicking the link below:
Gallery of all competition photos “Our bathrooms 2019”

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