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The sixth dimension of design – hexagonal tiles are now available!

“Heksagon” in Polish language is nothing else but a hexagon. A geometrical figure that consists of six equilateral triangles on which one’s memories have shiver, while others smile with sentiment, because it is pure mathematics and memorable “draw a triangle 60-60-60”. To count the number of fields and circuits you had to have knowledge of operations, elements of two, three … Nothing difficult, but fortunately after the last update all this happens quickly and automatically.

CAD Decor and CAD Decor PRO has been enhanced with functionality that allows you to apply the hexagonal tiles on the wall with one hand movement. So far, only rectangular tiles could be laid. In addition, it is possible to prepare the sets, save it in the program and use it any number of times, which greatly speeds up the operation. Also removing individual tiles from places we don’t want to be is very easy. Similarly to removing individual elements, when there is a need to prepare the original pattern… And because we are talking about it, it is worth adding that it is convenient to paste individual tiles, since each of the vertices is simultaneously an active handle.

In addition, the programs, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, calculate the amount of material in square meters or pieces. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the video where we present new capabilities.

We also encourage you to download the first collection of Paradyż hexagonal tiles, which are available in this entry. The Ceramic Tiles Design Module, which is added to CAD Kitchens, does not give you the ability to operate the sets. Also due to the complicated process of adding tiles to the base, it is not possible to add your own tiles in hexagonal format.

Complementary information of 10.10.2017

Due to the many questions that you are asked by the technical service and facebook profile, we answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Are Hexagon tiles available in the CAD Kitchen with Ceramic Tiles Design Module?
The tiles are available in the CAD Kitchen with the Ceramic Tiles Design Module, which doesn’t support tile configuration. The only way to do this is to lay the tiles one by one by “tile insertion”.

Do I need the latest version of the software?
Yes, new functionality is available to users who have an active service pack and therefore access the latest update.

What should I do if there are empty spaces in the shape of rhombus between tiles?
The unusual shape of hexagonal tiles requires to insert them by the “sets” tab or individually by “tile insertion”. When we put hexagonal tiles “on an entire area” with “tile arrangement”, adjacent to each other there will remain empty spaces between them.

Can I add tiles to the base?
Due to the very complicated process of adding tiles, we resigned from this functionality. At the same time, we are preparing other updates of the hexagonal tiles of other manufacturers.

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