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The sixth edition of the Pearl Competition is behind us!

Project WARM / COLD by Izabela Wolniaczyk gained the most sympathy of the Jury thanks to the interesting use of ceramic tiles and practically in the whole project, without fear of subsequent niches and platforms. The end result is a 16m2 bathroom salon in a climate of snowy scenery outside the window. The concept of the project is based on combining opposites: a minimalist decor, and a warm colour of light; raw wall cladding on most surfaces, and tile accents referring to the pattern of a soft wool weave. This project proved to be very universal and timeless. Its cohesion and promoting trends in the design of bathrooms, which are to transform into our private SPA, influenced the decision of the Jury. The project uses tiles from the French Braid collection from Opoczno.

The second prize went to Szymon Pleszczak for the project UNTYPICALLY TYPICAL APARTMENT. And here the very original title speaks for itself. This interesting, functional and homely design of a 60 m2 flat for a young marriage was created because the author was not afraid of breaking the stereotype. Because if the apartment is small, it must be bright and in Scandinavian style? Not necessarily. A small apartment can also be decorated in dark colours, it must be, however, skillfully applied. It can also be combined with wood, concrete boards or a soft carpet, all you need is a clearly defined vision. The project uses Lucka Gris tiles (entry zone and kitchen) with light gray fugue and Mattina Grigio brand Cerrad (living room zone) with black fugue.

The third prize this year has a expressive kitchen with a free-standing island. The island is set in a central point with irregular shapes, the designer has repeated the “theme” on the wall. The project by Dawid Żybula is very modern and easy to remember. The kitchen was made in the technology of varnished fronts with milled handles. A solid base is spread on the floor tiles from the collection Carrara Polished Pulpis, which was emphasized with a decorative strip cut from the tiles of the collection Marquinia GPTU601 Carrara Pulpis brand Opoczno. The minimalist style is emphasized by the decorative cavity tiled with a decorative tile Martinica Dekor 2 brand Ceramika Pilch, which was also lined the wall along the kitchen. Decor imitates a fashionable for many years brick in a neutral gray shade.

Congratulations to the awarded designers, we are proud of your well thought out projects of exceptional interiors! Thank you for all dozens of other projects that came to us and inspired us. Some of them you can see in our competition presentation.

“Competition for architects and interior designers – users of CAD Decor” is, as every year, not only a design competition, but also the choice of three ” Pearls of Ceramics Designers – CAD Decor users” in its first stage. This year, the titles of the most liked and the most popular collections among interior designers who use our software got: Zanzibar collection – the Azario brand, the French Braid collection – the Opoczno brand and the PIETRASANTA collection – the MONOLITH brand (Tubądzin Group).

And all of this would not have taken place without the esteemed EU PEARL of CERAMICS plebiscite, with a long standing tradition and an unquestionable reputation. January 24 this year in Warsaw took place the gala of the laureates of EU PEARL of CERAMICS 2017 contest, which has been organized since 2004 by the quarterly magazine “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych”, and since 2012 together with CAD Projekt K&A. The honorary patron of the competition was the Association of Polish Architects. The aim of the competition is to promote ceramic tiles available on the Polish market that are distinctive by design, innovation and very good quality. Within the PEARLS of CERAMICS 2017 has been granted: 33 titles Pearl of Ceramics EU 2017, 14 titles, the Pearl of Ceramics of Distributors 2017 and 3 titles of the Pearl of Ceramics of Designers – users CAD Decor 2017. The largest number of nominations and awards was given to Cersanit S.A., which was honored with the Great Pearl of Ceramics EU 2017. All awarded bases, like every year, can be found in the unique base Pearl of Ceramics EU 2017. Download and design with the best collections and new products in the ceramic tile and wall cladding industry.

What will happen next year? Certainly something completely new, but not yet.

Winners of the competition:

• 1 st prize – Izabela Wolniaczyk
• 2 nd prize – Szymon Pleszczak
• 3rd prize – Dawid Żybul

Remember the unique database Pearls of Ceramics 2017!

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