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The third pearl awarded! Love the colour of the Love You Navy collection from Opoczno

The jury composed of representatives of the “Around the Ceramic Tiles” editorial office and people professionally involved in industrial design, architecture and interior design awards nominations in each vote, but it is you who ultimately decides. The last, third, pearl vote is behind us. In the final stage, nominated in three editions of the collections, the EU Ceramics Pearl, Pearl of Ceramics Distributors, and our Designer Ceramics Pearl – CAD Decor users are awarded.  The most titled manufacturer will receive the Great Pearl of EU Ceramics.

The winner of the third vote is the Love You Navy collection from Opoczno. It perfectly fits in the current trends in design and colour. It was a great idea to use chevron pattern in both structural decorations and mosaics. An interesting satin surface adds to the attractiveness of the collection and the depth of colour is even hypnotic.

Chevron – zigzag, to put it simply. Ottavio Missoni began the fashion for this pattern in the 1970s with his Target clothing collection with an abstract zigzag in intense colours. Since then, it has been one of the most frequently used ornaments. This pattern is also the hallmark of fabric designer Robert Kaufman and British brand Riley Blake. But it has already appeared in fashion and interiors before: on 18th century upholstery fabrics, Biedermeier purses or on knitwear from the 1920s.

For 20 years now, Pantone has been choosing a colour every year, under whose sign we will be able to use the next 12 months. The brand selects the shade on the basis of an analysis of trends and prevailing trends in culture, lifestyle and even social media and thus anticipates the most popular colour of the coming year. The year 2020 will therefore be marked by Classic Blue, a deep, nature-reflective colour. The Opoczno tiles from the Love You Navy collection have secured their place on the podium.

You have access to this and other collections on our database page for download.

And soon we will provide you with more information about the competition for designers using the pearl databases tiles:)

Do you have any questions about the PERŁY CERAMIKI 2019 contest and voting for the Pearl of Ceramic Designers – CAD Decor 2019 users? Write to

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