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The vinterior brand has been awarded!

The Vinterior brand is our youngest child who creates a virtual reality for architecture and design. Although it has only been active for several months, it has already worked with such giants as Cersanit, VOX or Anwis. The distinction in the plebiscite Dobry Design 2019, organized by the publisher of the Dobrze Mieszkaj magazine, is a clear signal for us that for 150-person jury and magazine readers, innovative tools for presenting architecture are valuable.

Presenting projects and concepts in VR allows you to experience space, dimensions on a 1: 1 scale, where a person is in the project and can move freely inside. The tool can be used both during the creation of the project and when presenting the initial or final concept to investors. This vision was taken by the jury of the Dobry Design 2019 plebiscite, which saw in VR the potential and vision of what the future of design would look like.
For us, this distinction is the motivation for development. We develop wings and invite you to cooperation!

More information about our brand as well as contact details and sample presentations can be found on the website.

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