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This is the second voting under the PEARLS OF CERAMICS UE!

The “competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor users” has been organized since 2012 with the participation of CAD Projekt K&A and you, the users of our programs. Nine years ago, this initiative became part of the popular EU PEARLS OF CERAMICS plebiscite organized by the editors of the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” since 2004. Throughout all these years, we have been encouraged by the same goal, the promotion of ceramic tiles with outstanding design and cooperation between the world of design and the industry “Tile-making”. The ninth edition in turn… it’s hard to believe…, but we are still inspired by modern design and interior designs showing the latest trends.

At the end of September, the jury meeting chaired by Magdalena Kaliszuk-Barańska (interior architect, Interior Design Section of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers) selected as many as 22 collections in the standard and premium class. As usual, you will find the nominated collections in our next “pearl” database, available for download next to it and on our database page. We also invite you to view the collection presentation on the website of our Partner of the “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” magazine.

Now, traditionally, it’s time for you! Voting by architects and interior designers using CAD Decor and CAD Decor PRO programs started yesterday, but you have time to vote for the “Pearl of Ceramics Designers – CAD Decor users” until October 31, 2020. Enter the voting page and choose yours the collection in the 2nd edition of the PEARLS OF CERAMICS UE 2020 competition is just a few clicks away. In the first vote, your choice fell on the Granderoca collection – Ceramstic brand. We are very curious what trend you will choose this time. Our traditional voting is a great training before the competition, which will start at the turn of 2019/2020, so click as soon as possible ♥

Questions regarding the PEARLS of CERAMICS 2020 competition should be sent to the address, and in some time we will provide you with details about the ninth edition of the “Competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor users”.

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