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Tubądzin Design Awards, a competition matched to the new world!

The idea for this year’s Tubądzin Design Awards and how it was adapted to the current situation stole our CAD’s hearts. #nature, i.e. the rapidly changing world that we all need to take care of, #future, i.e. innovative tailor-made solutions, such as our interior design programs and #freedom as the interior design industry, open not only to architects. Creating a new reality, together with the Tubądzin brand, in the spirit of sustainable development, mobility and personalization or eco-trend, fits perfectly in the DNA of our brand and the creative community that we create together with interior designers, our partners and supporters.

Tubądzin Design Awards is divided into three independent stages and into three categories, summed up by the final stage for each category. The company CAD Projekt K&A joins the competition for the first time in the second (01.05 – 31.07.2020) and third (01.08 – 31.10.2020) stages, supporting the categories of Everyday Design, Young Power and Future Now closest to us. Read about the details on the competition website, but remember that the second stage is still ongoing and waiting for your creative ideas and their unconventional implementations. You have the last week to submit your projects!

There is something to fight for! By winning the Grand Prix in the final stage, you can choose the main prize. #freedom is the choice of whether you fly to Abu Dhabi or Iceland. Additionally, the winner receives 2500 euro. There are also, among others, publications in Elle Decoration and White Mad, trips to Milan and internships in the best architectural offices in Paris, Warsaw and Lviv and our CAD Decor PRO 3.1.1 program.

The best projects will also be awarded in subsequent stages of the competition. Selected architects and interior designers receive the finalist status, subscription to the Elle Decoration magazine, publications of works on the websites of TDA, Tubądzin and on the company’s social profile Facebook and in the Elle Decoration magazine, graphic tablet, valuable vouchers for prestigious products Grohe, AquaForm, Terma and a three-month license for CAD Decor PRO 3.1.1.

You can see the projects that were distinguished and awarded in the first stage of the competition on the competition website. In the first stage, our attention was primarily drawn to the projects of Maciej Dańczura, Justyna Michalak, Anna Wojciechowska, Mateusz Bubel and Dajana Wachowska. Congratulations to the warmly awarded and we strongly encourage you to check yourself if you have not already done so. We are sure that each of you, with the help of our program for designing and products of the Tubadzin brand, can win the Grand Prix in the Everyday Design, Young Power or Future Now category!

We also know that there is little time for the second stage of the competition (until 31. 07.2020) … Remember, however, that you still have the third stage (1 August  – 31 October 2020) and a completely new competition category. Future Now is a category created for the needs of our new world, which promotes design that combines the functionalities of the workplace and everyday life. Until 20 August, you have time to create a personalized and mobile interior that will delight the competition jury. Good luck at every stage and in all categories♥!

♦The second stage of the competition -> 01.05 – 31.07.2020

♦The third stage of the competition -> 01.08 – 31.10.2020

♥ New FUTURE NOW category  –>  up to 20.08.2020!

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