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Update form 3 December 2018

CAD Decor PRO 3.0, CAD Decor 3.0, CAD Kitchens 7.0, Render PRO


  • After inserting models using the “add folders” function to the user database, models appear with preview.
  • When inserting models using the “add folders” function, the last model has the correct preview.


  • The program does not close when leaving the editor.


  • Textures applied on surfaces with the “tiles” option appear on the surface in the correct size.
  • Enlarging menu windows does not cause them to be displayed incorrectly.
  • After making calculations of Path tracing and Raytracing in Share – it correct reflections appear.
  • An issue with selection and change of materials on protrusion has been resolved.
  • Emitters from sunlight and spotlights were removed.
  • The spotlight range has been increased, now adapting to the size of the room.
  • The program correctly renders slat profiles drawn from the user’s profile.
  • The program works properly when the user after turning on Path tracing enabled full-screen mode and then tried to change the projection of the project.
  • In the “Materials” – “Manufacturer” tab, the “Kitchen base materials” tab has been removed, which appeared in the CAD Decor program.
  • The program loads the wycena.dll file correctly.
  • Adding reflections in the properties of materials does not cause the transparency to be 100%.
  • After selecting the element using the “select element” icon, the right mouse button works.
  • The “select element” icon works on walls covered with tiles.
  • The application of textures from the bottom toolbar to objects has been improved (sometimes a different texture was applied than the one chosen).
  • A quick search for textures after the first letters of the catalogues or files has been added.
  • The author’s sign is saved after selecting the option to save several views at the same time.
  • When creating a projection on a tile-covered wall, no error message appears.
  • When you start the tile search and click on any collection, no error message appears.
  • The updated material database displays the texture parameters correctly.
  • When you start the tile browser for the first time, working on an open database does not cause an error.
  • Increased limit of user’s texture subdirectories from 500 to 1000.
  • Visualization loads materials from the Standard Materials v1.0 catalogue.
  • Increasing the transparency on the window does not cause the glass to turn black and the program does not ignore the background colours.
  • Dragging several textures to objects in the project does not cause an out of memory error message.


  • The “Perpendicular motion” function works correctly when drawing a polyline.
  • Fixed manually entering dimensions when drawing a rectangle shape.
  • Corrected lack of consistency in defining the contour thickness between page properties and advanced settings.
  • In the old version of the documentation, the correct signs appear in the tables with the list of cabinets.
  • The cause of the error that appeared when entering table settings was removed.


  • A problem with opening projects in the new version of the program, which occurred in a special case, has been fixed.

When creating a new project, the cursor is now set immediately on the project name, you do not need to click on the field.


In a particular case, a message with an undefined error appeared when opening the project.


  • Demo projects have been improved, lighting settings and material properties have been changed.
  • Entering the code from the Paradyż tile module no longer causes an updater error.

    Updated files

    kafle.dll 30-11-2018 12:07
    szafki_nowe.dll 20-11-2018 10:48
    Walls.dll.dll 19-11-2018 13:00 3.0.6897.46848
    Manager.dll 27-11-2018 10:15
    konwerter3d.dll 28-11-2018 15:47
     RenderDll.dll 28-11-2018 15:56
    RenderPro2\RenderPro.dll 21-11-2018 13:55
    RenderPro2\x64\ RenderProcess.exe 28-11-2018 12:02
    iUPDATE 28-11.2018 13:49
3 December 2018

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