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Update form 7 December 2021

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens


1. A new functionality has been added that allows inserting 3D models directly in the visualisation. It is available under the chair icon in the left panel.
2. Sorting modes for databases with models have been introduced: Producer/Type, Producer/Set, Standard Type and Favourites – these are displayed as a category tree in the left panel. Models from a given database or its subcategories are displayed in the bottom panel.
3. Enabled to filter models by dimensions.
4. Added search engine for models, which searches the typed phrase in the names of models, their descriptions and producer codes. Search results are displayed in the bottom panel. After typing a given phrase in the search engine, the category tree in the left panel is updated. Please note that the tree displays complete categories and subcategories, which include at least one model from the search results in the bottom panel. The category tree thus serves to expand the search results.
5. A second search engine and a drop-down list with producers for narrowing search results have also been introduced. Both elements are located in the bottom panel.
6. A Favourites database has been added, to which the user can move their chosen models by clicking on the star icon in the model thumbnail.
7. It is now possible to insert models into a project in 4 shifting modes: free, wall, floor and ceiling.
8. A new interface element (called gizmo) has been introduced, which is available for models inserted into the project. It contains colored axes which allow you to change the position of models in three planes. The axes change their appearance depending on the selected mode.
9. An Object Properties tab has been added to the right panel (marked with the same chair icon as in the left panel). Here you can set operation mode, shifting mode, change coordinate system (to which displacements of inserted models refer), define model offset from wall or ceiling, and reset all model transformations.
10. Added a function bar visible above the bottom panel, where you can set the operation mode and shifting mode, and enable the measure (with its help you can measure the distance between any two points).
11. Additional shifting options have been introduced (for wall and floor modes) that allow you to tighten the inserted model against a wall or other object, as well as rotate it with its back to the wall.
12. A context menu was introduced (available from the right mouse button after selecting the inserted model or using keyboard shortcuts) containing the most frequently used functions.
13. The function “Move 2 points” ([Ctrl]+[T]) allows you to move models based on the two points indicated in the design.
14. The “Rotation Point” function allows you to specify a point that becomes the axis of rotation for the model. Such a point can be on an object or anywhere else in the scene.
15. The function “Reset” ([Ctrl]+[B]) removes all object rotation and scaling effects.
16. The “Delete” function ([Del]) removes the selected model from the project.
17. The “Duplicate” function ([Ctrl]+[D]) creates a copy of the object.
18. The “Array” function ([Ctrl]+[A]) allows you to duplicate an object and arrange its copies in rows or in a circle whose center point is the inserted object.
19. The “Mirror” function allows you to create a mirror image of a given model.
20. The “Replace model” function ([Ctrl]+[R]) allows you to replace the inserted model with any other model visible in the bottom panel.
21. Added ability to set reference point for model transformation. Either the center of the object’s base or its insertion point are available (switch between them using [Ctrl]+[G] shortcut).
22. The ability to move most objects in the visualization, in a similar way as models are transformed, has been introduced. The only exceptions are elements that are an area, e.g. doors, platforms with tiles.
23. Added a Favorites Library feature (available under the star icon next to the model finder) that allows you to add and group models from the Favorites database.
24. A Settings option ( gear icon) has been added to the top bar, where you can change dimension units (cm or mm), edit interface settings, and determine dimensions for objects from all databases.
25. An orange outline has been introduced, which appears around the surface to which a material or texture is dragged (until now, this outline only appeared when paint was applied to surfaces).
26. A tutorial has been added describing what’s new in version 3.3.0, which starts the first time you enter the visualization module. In addition, there are also tutorials for each new feature triggered by the question mark buttons in the left and right panels, and a tutorial for the Favorites Library.
27. The paint module has been standardized so that it looks the same for all producers.
28. The function of the F2 and F3 keys has been changed. When you point the cursor over a tile area in the scene, the F2 key will display detailed information about the tile, while the F3 key will show information about the area and the amount of space in that area. Both pieces of information are displayed in a box next to the cursor.
29. Added the ability to save area visibility after reopening the project.
30. The ability to drag emitters to the stage was blocked.
31. The program has been protected against errors after using an incorrectly converted model.
32. Fixed a bug causing material names to be hidden in the bottom menu panel.
33. The mechanism for undoing changes after using the function of applying material to an object/layer has been improved.
34. A message has been added to inform about a change in the saving path of a folder in the visualisation.
35. Accelerated colour/texture picking at the click of a pipette.
36. Fixed bump mapping issues occurring after changing the angle of the tile layout and rendering.


1. The ability to launch the Wall Wizard after inserting external walls into a project has been disabled.
2. The mechanism for editing the dimensions of windows embedded in the bevel has been improved.
3. Several corrections have been made to improve the wall drawing mechanism and to make it easier to close rooms correctly.
4. A fixed frame depth value (50 mm) was set for parametric windows.
5. Improvements have been made to the drawing mechanism in ORTHO mode and some additional features have been added, including guide lines to make it easier to close rooms.


1. Fixed a bug that allowed protrusions, holes and recesses to be inserted outside the room.


1. Fixed a bug causing the path to the logo file to be displayed when it was deleted from disk.
2. A fix has been made to correctly display the logo thumbnail when re-entering the studio data tab.
3. The function of refreshing the list of saved projects has been improved, so that projects deleted from the disk disappear from it in real time.
4. A fix has been introduced to improve the correct closing of drawn areas.
5. Corrected message when deleting an image file from a logo.


1. Fixed an issue which prevented saving DXF files in folders whose names contained Polish diacritics.
2. Fixed a bug related to incorrect reading of object visibility on different documentation pages (in particular on wall projections).
3. The way the locker removal mechanism works has been changed.
4. Fixed errors related to the settings of the Object Properties panel and the removal of captions on some pages. Removed the ability to dock to a page for headers on the Table of Contents and Title Page pages.
5. Fixed a bug preventing tiles and material names in legends from being restored to their default names.


1. Corrected an error that occurred when saving the model to the database if the model type contained an apostrophe.
2. Correction has been made to the message about exceeding the amount of surfaces of the converted model.


1. Added ability to copy text in producer code, description and object name fields when models are inserted from iCAD.

Changes in CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


1. A fix has been implemented in the functionality of sorting kitchen cabinets by previews, preventing the program from crashing.
2. Fixed errors related to scrolling the screen when inserting kitchen cabinets.
3. Fixed an issue causing cabinets to display incorrectly when no color scheme was selected for them.
4. Fixed a bug causing the default color scheme for individual kitchen cabinet items to not load correctly.

Program files:

agd.dll 25-11-2021
analytics.dll 26-11-2021
baseedit.dll 25-11-2021
blaty.dll 25-11-2021
CADDecorPro.exe 30-11-2021
CADKuchnie.exe 30-11-2021
CADDecor.exe 30-11-2021
DecorRaport.dll 06-12-2021
dodatki.dll 03-12-2021
dokumentacja.dll 25-11-2021
konwerter3d.dll 2-11-2021
kafle.dll 03-12-2021
listwy.dll 25-11-2021
Manager.dll 7-09-2021
podesty2.dll 25-11-2021
printpreview.dll 25-11-2021
szafki_nowe.dll 18-08-2021
SzafyWnekowe.dll 26-11-2021
ukrywacz.dll 25-11-2021
Walls_dll.dll 25-11-2021
walls2.dll 3-11-2021
wycena.dll 25-11-2021
PłytkiEdytorBazy.exe 19-11-2021
translation.xgz 30-11-2021
Baza Sigma 6-12-2021
Baza Tikkurila 6-12-2021
Producents.FDB 28-07-2021
logo_square.png 23-08-2016
logo_wide.png 31-08-2016
db_alias.als 22-10-2021
dodatki_update.qmp 06-12-2021
kuchenne.qmp 25-05-2021
Tutorial.qmp 8-11-2021

* changes are published within 48 hours.

14 December 2021

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