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Update from 10 August 2021

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens

Upgrade to version 3.2.1 and 7.2.1

Common changes to CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens


  1. Fixed An issue that resulted in a dimension value being rotated incorrectly when moving it.
  2. The visibility of interior design elements has been standardized for all pages of the documentation.
  3. An issue that caused text editing highlights to disappear when scrolling has been fixed.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused the left menu items disappearing after generating wall projections.
  5. Fixed an issue with the transparency of the graphics that caused the logo to display a black background.
  6. Added a solution where, after opening an empty documentation, a window with pages selection will apear.
  7. Added solution to ensure the preservation of objects visibility settings, after reloading the documentation.
  8. The program was secured against an error caused by changing the name of any page in the documentation.
  9. Fixed an issue causing the disappearance of the elements after assigning them to other layer.
  10. Improved quality of the generated PDF file on wall projections, due to blurred lines and visible pixels.


  1. The function of saving the manufacturer’s paints in the user materials tab has been improved.
  2. The operation of the paint color selection function from the user palette has been changed: If the color saved by user is not related to the products of selected manufacturer, the option to replace the product, available from PPM, remains inactive.
  3. The layer and material recognition on partition walls has been fixed so that the function of global change color/texture on partition walls works properly.
  4. The usability of the halogen and light grouping functions has been improved. The Esc key in the visualization selects both active lights and the group to which they have been assigned.
  5. Fixed an issue where the slider didn’t work properly in the manufacturer’s paint selection window after generating documentation.
  6. A patch has been added to fix the problem of missing colors and textures from the user palette after copying the project to another computer. The colors from the original object palette will be loaded into the project.
  7. Fixed an issue where the preview and the name of the manufacturer’s external paint used in the project was incorrectly displayed after closing and re-opening the project.
  8. A common counter for emitters and highlights has been introduced, thanks to which duplication of numbers on the lighting list has been eliminated.
  9. A solution has been added, where the Quick Save saves the path-tracing or basic render preview, depending on what action has been made recently or what is in the visualization preview window.
  10. Fixed an issue with memory gain when viewing materials with enabled material properties and preview.
  11. Fixed an issue that resulted in producer texture dimensions resetting after moving them out of the preview window.
  12. The issue with incorrectly displaying paint after reloading a project has been fixed.
  13. Fixed a bug that caused objects to move after using the room save function.
  14. Added protection against closing without a message when PAINTS databases are missing in the program.
  15. Fixed an issue that resulted in the material applicator tool to transfer the manufacturer’s texture without having changed dimensions.
  16. Fixed an issue where walls inserted by loading a room were incorrectly displayed in the visualization.
  17. Fixed a bug related to the incorrect display of standard materials.
  18. Fixed an issue that caused the program to randomly close without a message after using the rotate element feature.
  19. The ability to move an element through two points without changing its insertion level has been added.
  20. Fixed a bug that caused the changes to be undone incorrectly after applying one of the standard materials.
  21. Fixed a bug, that allowed to activate the icon without triggering its function.
  22. Fixed an issue where walls were not visible in the visualization and documentation.


  1. Improved filtering when changing the number of objects after defining selected parameters.
  2. Fixed switching between Producer-Type and Producer-Kit when a base was selected, causing the user to go to the top of the list.
  3. Fixed a bug where a different interior element appeared when editing a model.
  4. The bug where another model with the same name appeared while editing an interior element has been fixed.
  5. Fixed an issue where after exporting/importing a project, textures from the user database would not appear on models on the second computer.


  1. The path field for the saved file has been increased and the appearance of the windows has been unified.
  2. A solution has been added that keeps the changes made to the depth of field panel after re-entering the visualization.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused the depth of field panel to close after resizing the visualization window.
  4. Fixed an issue with settings reset after making changes to lighting.
  5. The program is protected against unexpected error when starting the basic render, if there are platforms in the project with the tiles option turned on.


  1. The ability to close the manager window before loading the list of projects has been added.
  2. Fixed a bug resulting from malfunction of dashed and dotted lines.
  3. A security has been added to increase the number of saved project backups.


  1. The possibility of entering additional characters while completing the model data has been added (“_”, “-” and “,”).
  2. The accuracy of reading the converted model with irregular shapes has been improved.
  3. The model preview window in the converter has been refreshed.


  1. A solution has been added to ensure that bevels are drawn correctly, regardless of the level.
  2. Fixed an issue where the protrusions were not visible in the visualization.
  3. Fixed an issue that resulted in walls being set to level 0 when editing them.
  4. The possibility of inserting partition walls below level 0 from the wall elements edition window has been added.


  1. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect generation of texts in the projects documentation for the Russian-language system.


  1. The operation of the internet updater was improved, in which not all language versions of the program were available for selection.


  1. Changed hints on how to use the currency converter when editing the price list of interior design elements.
  2. Corrected the content of the message informing about placing large surface emitters in the project.


  1. The correction allows you to move lines and polylines in the environment using the “towards” function. Previously, it was only possible with the indication of the value in the XYZ axes.

Changes in CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


  1. Missing hints have been added to the icons for editing and deleting materials from the user material database.
  2. A solution was developed to prevent holes for the sink being cut in the worktops rotated by 180 degrees, in order to avoid their incorrect display in the visualization.
  3. The possibility of changing grout thickness by 0.5 mm has been added.
  4. Fixed an issue that resulted in the incorrect alignment of the wooden texture on the fronts and bodies of kitchen cabinets after applying the ” adjust” function.


  1. An automatic activation of the masking front type selection window has been added, which eliminated situations where the fronts, after being inserted into the environment, were invisible in the visualization view due to lack of definition of the their type.
  2. As a result of the patch, the program remembers the previously selected group of user cabinets in the same way as the selected group of producer cabinets is remembered, thanks to which the user can recall the next cabinet in the group using the right mouse button.
  3. The operation of the undo command for kitchen cabinet handles has been improved. The Undo / Redo commands now work on all operations performed between clicking “Handles” and closing the Handle edition dialog box.


  1. The possibility of inserting the front or the base of the cabinet into the project, with the visibility of other structural elements turned off, has been added.
  2. The ability to save a 100 mm wide cabinet to the user database has been added.
  3. Fixed an issue with switching sides in the visibility of the structural elements of the user cabinet.
  4. Fixed an issue where the cabinet front dimension did not change in the summary despite its edition.
  5. The program has been protected against an error that appeared after user front was re-extended.
  6. A mechanism has been added that arranges the names of user locker groups alphabetically.


  1. Fixed an issue where filters were not defined for cabinet elements that caused adding to the valuation element other than selected by the user. At the same time, it is possible to add a cabinet element to the price list without defining a filter, i.e. without a price group.


  1. In case of the Universal database of kitchen cabinets, the message informing about the non-existence of the worktop in a given thickness, which appears when the user enters non-standard thickness parameters of the worktop, has been turned off.


  1. Fixed an issue where automatic skirting boards were not generating correctly on the masking elements of cabinets.

Changes in CAD Decor


  1. The block insertion function has been added in CAD Decor.
  2. Changes in programs with the Tiles Design Module.


  1. Changes have been made to the message about the impossibility of replacing tiles of different sizes.
  2. Fixed an issue that resulted in the grout list to be empty after changing the tile database.
  3. The ability to change the thickness of the grouts has been added for the entire project.
  4. The ability to edit the thickness of the grouts in the previously saved tile layouts has been added.
  5. Fixed an issue where information about the tile was displayed when measuring distance in the visualization, despite previously unchecking the “Information about the tile” button.
  6. Fixed the chessboard tile arrangement from rotating and changing the pattern if grouts were additionally edited.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused the applied tile, that was used to create an arrangement, or the arrangement itself to turn white after creating tiles arrangement.
  8. The program has been secured against the disappearance of the tiles arrangement in a situation where, after adding a chesssboard , a change in the tiles arrangement will be made.
  9. Fixed a bug where tiles applied to custom elements with an arc would not be applied on the segment pointed by the cursor.
  10. The “Move an area” function has been corrected, which in some cases did not change the position of the tiles.
  11. Fixed a bug that prevented the global change of materials function from working on custom elements with arc, covered with tiles.
  12. Fixed an issue where individually inserted tiles on an object that had already been tiled, were replaced when changing the thickness of the grout.
  13. A bug resulting in incorrect display in the visualization of the contact area between the main wall and partition wall, after covering the former with texture and tiles, has been fixed.


  1. Fixed an issue that caused the removal of tiles from a protrusion despite cancelling its editing.

Changes in programs with the Ceramic Tiles Design Module with the Tile Base Editor


  1. Improved display of colors for tiles added in CMYK color mode to the tile base editor.
  2. Fixed a situation in which a significant memory increase occurred while browsing the arrangements categories, as well as when the significant increase in memory card was not released after closing the visualization or the project.
  3. In order to improve the smoothness of the work of the tile database editor, the resolution of images added as a tile texture at the stage of its editing has been limited. Previously, the image resolution was verified when the tile was saved in the database.
  4. A text length limitation of 50 characters for the “collection name” and the “collection type” of tiles has been set, which eliminated the problem with saving the tile in case of a collection with too long name.


Changed files:

agd.dll 27-07-2021
analytics.dll 23-07-2021
baseedit.dll 27-07-2021
baza B60_Uniwer_2017 29-07-2021
blaty.dll 25-05-2021
CADDecor.exe 05-08-2021
CADDecorPro.exe 15-07-2021
CADKuchnie.exe 15-07-2021
caddecor-dot4cad.cme 18-06-2021
DecorRaport.dll 03-08-2021
dodatki.dll 30-04-2021
dokumentacja.dll 27-07-2021 dot4CAD_setup_6.6.141.55.exe
Editor.exe 10-08-2021
iUpdate.exe 12-07-2021
kafle.dll 03-08-2021
konwerter3d.dll 19-04-2021
listwy.dll 12-05-2021
Manager.dll 18-06-2021
podesty2.dll 26-07-2021
pliki z folderu CabMod 14/29-06-2021
PlytkiEdytorBazy.exe 29-07-2021
printpreview.dll 27-07-2021
RenderDll.dll 10-02-2021
RenderPro.dll 10-02-2021
szafki_nowe.dll 13-07-2021
translation.xgz 29-06-2021
ukrywacz.dll 18-06-2021
Walls_dll.dll 13-07-2021
walls2.dll 13-07-2021
wycena.dll 04-08-2021

* changes are published within 48 hours.

10 August 2021

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