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Update from 18 April 2019

obserVeR (compatible with CAD Decor PRO and Render PRO)


  • The size of rooms where you can walk is increased
  • A message with a button to update the program in the older version of obserVeR has been added
  • The obserVeR installation has been standardized with other programs
  • Other language versions of the obserVeR instruction have been added. Clicking on the CAD Projekt K&A logo redirects the user to the Polish version of the page and in other language versions to the English version
  • A project control has been blocked until it is fully loaded
  • Vertical up and down camera options have been added for both control modes – Page Up/Page Down
  • The starting position of the camera has been corrected
  • A bug in a special case where the obserVeR application could not be opened has been fixed


  • The possibility of entering the stairs/mezzanine while using HTC goggles has been added

Changes in files

obserVeR version 1.1 09.04.2019


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