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Update from 18 November 2019

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


  • Cabinet insertion window has been improved
  • Centering of the cabinet insertion window on the active monitor has been set
  • Exchange of the handle in the edited cabinet has been changed, now it is only active for the currently selected set, if the cabinet is assigned a different set than the current one, instead of exchanging the handle, the option of defining the set colour appears
  • The exchange of sets for all cabinets in the project when one of the cabinets had already changed set has been improved
  • The operation of the decimal separator has been improved


  • The error message when inserting household appliances has been removed
  • The error message when editing household appliances has been removed


  • “Show front groups” function removed

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor


  • Secure saving p3d files against damage
  • Changed the effect of the pouring bucket on the layer. Now pouring material with many droplets on the area checks the material on the element and applies a new one (on the same layer) to all areas with such material.
  • The icons in the paint and grout cost estimate have been improved
  • Sending order estimate to e-mail has been fixed.
  • The copying error of some models without texture has been corrected
  • The error of distorting the specific shapes of slats in the visualization has been corrected
  • The problem with tile previews with the specific hasp key has been corrected


  • The way of checking project compatibility with the program version has been changed


  • Automatic program launch on the dedicated card has been improved
  • The inconsistency of structural element names in the module has been corrected
  • The ability to set the bevel margin separately has been added
  • Demo version support has been improved
  • Fixed an issue where the wardrobe door was moved to its original position
  • Improved switching on “storage divides door” with external blender turned on
  • Fixed an issue where the option to divide the door with storage space and the storage space with the Blend function was fixed
  • The language selection method has been changed to the one selected in the main program; if the language version is not in the wardrobes, the English version will be set


  • An issue with naming models / sets containing a space has been resolved
  • The bug where another model was selected after switching to editing the inserted kitchen element has been corrected
  • The error message due to a problem with font handling in a specific memory arrangement has been eliminated
  • Text trimming after exporting to pdf has been improved
  • The error displaying the error message when deleting pages in the documentation configuration has been corrected


  • Loading of the model with a damaged grid is secured
  • Added png file support for model previews
  • The problem with the conversion of skp files has been fixed
  • The scaling of the model after rotation has been improved
  • The error message has been removed when undoing rotation and scaling


  • Loading newer versions of dwg and dxf files has been added by updating the intelliconvert.exe environment converter


  • The error message that appears when adding a tile in grayscale mode has been removed
  • Fixed issue with tile previews with a specific hasp key

CAD Share-it

  • The error message appearing when manually entering the file names to open has been removed

Changes in files:

Szafy wnękowe
PlytkiEdytorBazy.exe 13.11.2019
CAD_Share_it.exe 15.11.2019
Manager.dll 19.09.2019
agd.dll 14.11.2019
dodatki.dll 13.11.2019
DecorRaport.dll 13.11.2019
kafle.dll 12.11.2019
konwerter3d.dll 07.11.2019
szafki_nowe.dll 28.10.2019
AssimpConverter.exe 04.11.2019
SketchUpAPI.dll 08.10.2019
SketchUpCommonPreferences.dll 08.10.2019


18 November 2019

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