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Update from 2 July 2020

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens and Render PRO

Upgrade to version 3.1.1 and 7.1.1

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens


  • A new type of page has been made available – “Summary drawing”. You can present views of selected pages in any scale. All legends and tables with the data of cabinets and countertops from the pages, the views of which were included in the collective drawing, are automatically generated on it.
  • Two new icons have been added in the left menu for inserting fields (individually or the entire layout) in the collective drawing.
  • New option “Restore defaults” for legends in the right menu – restore the original appearance.
  • New functionality for all legends – changing descriptions of legend items (descriptions can have more than one line).
  • New functionality for tile legends and floor surfaces – select any color for previewing the color items in the legend.
  • For technical drawings, the “Drawing boundaries” layer has been added to the list of objects in the right menu so that they can be hidden – eg before printing the documentation.
  • For pages with legends, the “Legends” layer has been added to the list of features for convenient management of their visibility.
  • On the list of pages in the right menu, new markings have appeared – printer symbols, informing about whether a given page has been excluded from the set of pages to be printed (this happens when a page view is inserted into a collective drawing).
  • In the Properties of the “Tiles” page, the “Area contour” option has been added to disable the visibility of the outlines of tile areas (including individual tiles). This allows for the correct presentation of the joints in the documentation. The contour of areas can be turned off only when the “Linear contour” option is turned off.
  • A new function “Invert mirroring” has been added for links.
  • Allows objects to be brought to the back / front in groups.
  • A new parameter has been added for default and global settings: “Hatch Thickness”.
  • Reading in the documentation of connections inserted in the .CAD environment has been introduced (the floor ones will appear in the technical drawing, and the wall ones will appear in the drawings and sections).
  • Updating settings on the table of contents page has been corrected.
  • The rotation of the plan view has been improved for sides with tiles.
  • The way of generating the previews of symbols applied to the drawing and displayed in the legend has been changed (they became blurry with large print formats).
  • The program has been protected against the simultaneous display of a symbol and a model that has been replaced with this symbol, which happened after turning on the model visibility on the list of objects in the right menu.
  • Updated pnglib to prevent memory leaks.
  • The program is secured against the disappearance of texts in a situation when many different types of text are used in the documentation.
  • The program was secured against a situation where objects that were moved in the documentation and then changed their position in the .4CAD environment, were in the wrong position when the documentation was loaded again.
  • An amendment has been made to ensure that section planes for walls with the visibility turned off on the list of objects will not appear after reopening the documentation.
  • The action of replacing symbols has been corrected – the edited symbol is now replaced with a new one immediately after confirming the operation, and not as before – after moving the cursor.
  • Correction of hatch display on view thumbnails displayed in the lower right corner of the sketch – remains standard also after changing the hatch for the wall section plane for which the sketch was generated.
  • A protection has been introduced against generating in PDF texts for which sizes have been set so small that they become invisible in the documentation.
  • The insertion of the symbol of the triple socket has been improved.Opportunity to perform “Undo” and “Redo” operations for showing and hiding drawing layers in the “Objects” panel on the right menu has been added.
  • The program has been protected against the appearance of the fill set for the floor (texture or color) in the place of the wall filling, if the “None” option is selected for it.
  • Visibility of glass shelves in kitchen cabinets on sections and planks has been enabled.
  • A correction has been made that allows for displaying tiles and textures simultaneously on walls and in wall projections and sections.
  • Protects the program from unintentionally renaming an area in the legend when another area on the same wall has been renamed.
  • Visibility of opening doors of built-in wardrobes in documentation has been improved.
  • Allows a multi-line TOC title to be displayed correctly.
  • The operation of changing the font type has been corrected so that it also includes descriptions of instances and sections.
  • Improved exporting technical drawing to DWG so that wall hatching does not obscure objects placed in walls (doors, windows).
  • The option of hiding legends and tables in page properties has been synchronized with hiding their layers in the list of objects.
  • The layer to which the selected object belongs is selected in the list of objects.
  • Enabled color change for tile previews in legends.
  • The display of translations has been corrected.
  • Improved generation of two-point walks on sloped walls.
  • Improvements in displaying and hiding the lower menu have been made.
  • Pasting copied text from wall projection to wall projection has been corrected.
  • All hidden layers remain hidden after loading the documentation.
  • It is possible to add descriptions and links to inserted photos (they can be docked to the paper and moved to the front).
  • The display of arrow symbols in links has been corrected.
  • A message has been added asking to change the photo format for files in the wrong format.
  • Improved Quick Dimension for curved cabinets.
  • The program has been protected against irreversible deletion of the tile legend by adding the “Hide tile legend” option in the properties of the “Tiles” page and of the tiles with visible tiles.
  • The recording of camera settings has been corrected so that values close to zero are also recorded.
  • The behavior of renaming a tile in the legend has been corrected when it is part of a layout.
  • When changing the fill of a room plan view to texture, the wall hatching will not disappear.
  • The ability to remove any items from the legend has been introduced.
  • The display of wall hatching has been improved.
  • The wall projection height has been made uniform – by default, it is 1,6 meters in all projections.
  • Corrected the hatch display after copying the page.


  • The updating of the autosave time has been corrected for changes made to the visualization and technical documentation.
  • The working of the cursor snap points has been corrected.
  • The operation of moving platforms with the changed layer name has been corrected.Corrected saving the visualization in the correct folder in case of changing the name of the project from the level of Windows explorer.
  • The ability to convert a tile to a color during rendering has been disabled.
  • The Undo and Redo functions have been connected to enable and disable layer parameters in the right menu.
  • Made it possible to copy a color code from the object palette to the emission palette and update the color as soon as the color text was entered.
  • A solution has been applied that automatically changes the extension of a graphic file if, due to a user’s error, it becomes incorrect at the time of saving the image from the visualization.


  • Fixed exporting ZIP archive with the project to the folder containing the projects.
  • The program is secured against spontaneous closing while saving changes.
  • A correction has been made regarding the display of demo projects in the project selection window with the group view set.
  • Improved updating of displaying the project selection window content after deleting the project path.
  • The display of order and ordering party data in imported projects has been corrected.• Improved decoding of the date of the first program start and the current date, read from the HASP key.
  • The program is secured against unintentional opening of more than one project.
  • A new solution for saving changes has been applied to prevent delays in the operation of the program (additionally, changes to the edited archival technical documentation will be saved only if the user saves them himself).


  • Converting OBJ files has been improved.
  • The operation of rotating models after changing dimensions has been improved.
  • The saving of models inserted by the Converter at the point 0, 0, 0 in the user database has been corrected.
  • The conversion of SKP files has been improved.
  • Added first level search of subfolders when loading models in bulk for conversion, so you can add a folder containing subfolders with models.


  • Improved remembering of paints and colors applied to wardrobes.
  • The display of the wardrobe contents (clothes, shoes) after transferring the project to another computer has been corrected.
  • Fixed bugs when trying to edit cabinets, including in exported projects.
  • Display of foreign language entries in the universal database has been corrected.
  • The name of the icon and the window for changing the recess dimensions have been standardized.
  • Corrected saving of recess cabinets when saving project by user.


  • The default setting of the wall element insertion window has been changed so that it does not obscure walls in the project, and the ability to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel when the window is open has been unlocked.
  • The slope depth constraint behavior based on adjacent walls has been corrected.
  • The preview of the edited wall element (window, door) on the element list has been corrected to make it visible without scrolling.


  • Cancellation of the cabinet edition has been corrected so that there is no spontaneous change of set or program suspension.


  • Fixed a situation where when working on two monitors in the extended desktop mode, after moving the program window to the second screen in the.4CAD environment, after selecting the “Show / hide element” icon, the layer hiding window did not appear.

Changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


  • The cancel locker edit action has been corrected so that there will be no spontaneous set change or program hang.
  • The program has been secured against errors occurring when scrolling while inserting the cabinet.
  • Improved scroll behavior when inserting cabinets using the “Pick point” option.
  • In the Forte Familia base, it is possible to add legs to all cabinets, regardless of the level of their insertion.


  • Fixed errors when editing selected batteries.


  • A correction has been introduced thanks to which the plinths drawn with a strip do not hide while the tops are hidden.
  • The ability to edit the name and length of existing user profiles in the quote has been added.


  • The display of data in the valuation for plinths in the Lupus database has been corrected.

Changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor with the Render PRO module and CAD Kitchens


  • Corrected print behavior after path tracing calculation was difficult to print outlined views (black and white and grayscale).

Changed files:

Kafle.dll z dnia 01.07.2020
Manager.dll z dnia 30.06.2020
konwerter3d.dll z dnia 25.06.2020
walls2.dll z dnia 08.04.2020
Walls_dll.dll z dnia 20.03.2020
SzafyWnekoweDll.dll z dnia 24.06.2020
szafki_nowe.dll. z dnia 25.06.2020
agd.dll. z dnia 12.03.2020
listwy z dnia 10.04.2020
wycena.dll z dnia 30.03 2020
dokumentacja.dll z dnia 29.06.2020
translation.xgz z dnia 23.06.2020
Szafy.exe z dnia 29.06.2020
translation.xgz z dnia 14.01.2020
AssimpConverter.exe z dnia 29.06.2020
SketchUpAPI.dll z dnia 17.01.2020
SketchUpCommonPreferences.dll z dnia 17.01.2020
zlib.dll z dnia 14.04.2020
Baza Sockets z dnia 30.06.2020

* changes are published within 48 hours.


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