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Update from 21th November 2017

CAD Decor Pro, CAD Decor 2.3, CAD Kitchens 6.3

21th November 2017 update concern to:

  • Corrections in the file dot4cad
    Recovered projects are saved in DWG format, compatible with the standard record, ACAD2000 (R15), and not as before in pre-r14 format.
  • Corrections in the file konwerter3d.dll 18.10.2017
    Adding a new conversions PolygonMesh divided support for two formats of polylines and allowed to solve the problem with the dwg.
  • Corrections in the file SketchUpAPI
    Added file sketchupAPI. dll in the root directory, which lack prevented the inclusion of the converter. Currently, two versions of SketchUpAPI.dll are required for correct operation of the converter. One should be in the main program catalog – – it’s a 32-bit version (from 2015- 12.11. 2015, 16.0.19911.0). It’s used for file conversion if we chose the OpenCTM file options and the second version – 64bit (from 2016 – 1.11.2016 17.0.18899.0.), which should be in the “Tools” folder and is used for conversion using Assimp files.
  • Corrections in the file DecorRaport.dll 02.11.2017
    Added a new logo and updated email address for Tikkurila.
  • Corrections iUPDATE.exe 14.11.17 14.11.2017
    Has been improved linking from programs to update and news on the new website.

Updated files:
konwerter3d.dll 18.10.2017
iUPDATE.exe 14.11.17

21 November 2017

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