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Update from 23th October 2017

Wardrobe module

The current version of Wardrobe Module has been replaced with the latest version of the file with the number of 23.10.2017.

  • The Basic Options Wizard has been updated, which is now easier to use and more intuitive. Now it is even easier to create the initial cabinet model and insert the bottom compartments and the storage space. Options for the description of the contractor and customer have been moved to another location in the program. You can still use them, but only at the selected moment.
  • Added were folding doors, which can be divided into parts, which allows for a full opening of cabinets. The grips and handles have been added to the folding door in the program, which can be rotated to set at the right angle. The doors have editing functions identical to sliding doors, so you can add mirrors and materials with arched and straight division.
  • We have added a few of models of the cabinet equipment, so you can make them more appealing to the customer. In addition, when there is no time to fill the cabinet with equipment, you can use the “insert random object” option and swap the empty model in one eye-friendly, functional piece of furniture with one move.
  • Another new feature is the simplified edition of the plinth, including the possibility of its withdrawal and extension by 30 cm (not like it was about 10 cm).

Correction in Wardrobe Module version from 23.10.2017

  • An error with rods in the wardrobe has been fixed – earlier they were in bad places in the visualization even though they appear correctly in the module.
  • The adjustment of the depth of the drawers to the depth of the cabinet has been fixed – before the upgrade, you could not make a drawer with deeper drawer guides than 400mm, now the drawers adapt to the depth of the cabinet.
  • Generating of the opening door has been improved, added replenishment of new modules with opening doors, corrected generating doors in storage space.
  • Added options rotating the door handles.
    The setting of boards thicknesses has been improved – the cabinet module didn’t include the thickness of the boards before (in the options tab, there was a button for the expected thickness of the boards but didn’t work properly). The button for the expected board thickness has been removed. Currently, the thickness of the boards is determined in the tab with the choice of materials. Added ability to set there also materials for all types door in cabinets.

Updated files:
Szafy.exe version 19.10.2017 in the catalogue \SzafyWnekowe\
translation.xgz 26.09.2017 in the catalogue \SzafyWnekowe\
universal database of wardrobe module 2017-10-03 in the catalogue \SzafyWnekowe\databases\baza_uniwersalna

23 October 2017

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