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Update from 26 January 2021

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens and Render PRO

Upgrade to version 3.2 and 7.2

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens


  1. A new feature has been added for the “Tiles” and “Cabinets” pages: autogeneration of batches and the border of the drawing, which can be freely moved.
  2. New functionality for the “Technical drawing”, “Tiles” and “Cabinets” pages – regulating the generation range of wall projections and their range using the drawing boundaries. Wall projections are generated only for rooms and walls included in the work area.
  3. A function has been made available for all projections: the possibility of inserting a symbol of the beginning of tiles, previously available only for the “Tiles” page.
  4. A function has been added for all pages: displaying a grid to which elements can be snapped, such as tables, wall projections, text boxes, etc. A bug has been fixed, causing the program to crash when generating lines on the “Technical drawing” page after moving the drawing boundaries.
  5. A bug has been fixed, which caused the program to crash while generating the lines on the “Technical drawing” page after moving the drawing boundaries.
  6. The program to display the legend for tiles placed on the floor created by yourself from any elements was adjusted.
  7. Correction of calculating the space available on the stretches when determining whether the rotated object will fit on a sheet has been introduced.
  8. Improved updating markers after removing floor areas in documentation and updating of the “Floor” page for changes made to the design.
  9. It is ensured that the settings of extension lines of dimensions, e.g. their visibility, are remembered.
  10. Made possible to undo and redo fill texture objects.
  11. The images with transparency are correctly read.
  12. Guaranteed to update the tile legends each time the visibility of the tile object changes, both on the “Tiles” page and in the collective drawing, if the tile page is present.
  13. It is possible to avoid truncation of text in a table in a situation where it is a string of letters without spaces.
  14. Correct generation of table top projections was ensured after adding or removing cabinets with table tops after generating documentation.
  15. The program has been secured against changing the location of the symbol legend after saving and reloading the documentation.
  16. The picking of the end point for the quick dimension line after zooming in on the view has been corrected, so that the starting point is no longer visible.
  17. Editing of the names of the signature fields in the tables on the runs is guaranteed.
  18. The display of windows and doors in the technical drawing has been changed to symbols.
  19. The program has been secured against losing the possibility of changing a symbol into an object after copying the page.
  20. It was ensured that after removing windows and / or doors in the CAD environment their symbols also disappear in the previously saved and reloaded documentation.
  21. The display and hiding of interior design objects, cabinets and countertops has been adjusted when a new object is inserted into the project after saving the documentation.
  22. The numbering of the wall projections generated on pages with three-digit numbers has been corrected.
  23. The program has been protected against errors that occur when selecting objects on a tile page or adding a new “Tiles” page by double clicking in the “Add new page” window.
  24. Resizing of tables was blocked in case of opening the documentation on a screen with a different resolution.
  25. It was ensured that when changing the angle of rotation of the projection, the letter markings of the walks rotated together with the other elements of the drawing, and not only after moving the cursor.
  26. Fixed updating tile properties and displaying legends on the tile page.
  27. The quick dimension line for sloped windows and additional wall elements (openings, recesses and projections) in catwalks has been added to.
  28. A mechanism was applied to limit the size of PDF files generated from the documentation in which large photos were placed.
  29. Improved refreshing of connector legends in collective drawing after making changes to descriptions on base pages.
  30. Improved refreshing of connector legends in collective drawing after making changes to descriptions on base pages.Fixed display of the floor and ceiling on wall projections generated on southern walls using the “two-point” method.
  31. The display of the table template saving window after centering the page view has been corrected.
  32. The drawing boundary shift action has been adjusted.
  33. Autosave thumbnails with room views for the generated cases have been added.
  34. Changed the way of saving images in the project memory to ensure correct loading of photos into documentation.
  35. In the warning regarding the deletion of pages for which overlays have been generated, added information about all pages that will disappear from the documentation if the selected page is deleted.
  36. The cooperation between the documentation and the Wardrobe Module has been improved to avoid miscalculation of the position of halogen placed in the cabinet and rescaling of the technical drawing.
  37. Fixed generation of wall outlines in the correct position.
  38. The rotation of objects with the “Perpendicular movement” function turned on has been corrected – rotation by a multiple of 90o occurs in relation to the original position, and not the orientation of the object when the “Perpendicular movement” option is selected.
  39. Correct loading of project documentation, created in versions 3.1.1 / 7.1.1, versions 3.2.0 / 7.2.0, has been ensured.
  40. The display of connections, inserted from the level of wall elements edition window, on projections, sections and wall projections in documentation has been corrected.
  41. Enabled correct updating of legends for the “Floor” page after changing the colors of areas and adding more pages of this type.
  42. The display of dimension descriptions has been standardized so that they always appear on the same side of dimension lines.
  43. The function in the “Element properties” panel has been adjusted so that they do not remain active after canceling the insertion of a section, line, circle, rectangle, level marker, text, reference or image on the “Technical drawing” page.
  44. Fixed snapping legends to the ruler so that the top left corner snaps rather than the center point. 45. Disambiguated message displayed when trying to create a new documentation in a situation when documentation has already been created in a given project.
  45. The display of lines when marking a line that was moved away from the wall in the documentation and in the resulting PDF file has been made uniform.
  46. The program has been protected against resetting the font size of dimensions after changing the dimension location.
  47. Fixed a bug that prevented the documentation from running slowly.
  48. he program has been secured against the appearance of invisible pages after loading the documentation and the occurrence of an unexpected error.


  1. The display of previews of objects selected by the user in the wall elements edition window has been adjusted.
  2. Improved updating of the wall layout in CAD and visualization environment after rotating a segment by 45o in the wall editor.
  3. Corrected the display of the warning message about the incorrectly drawn path for walls to show in full.
  4. Correction of inserting the first door from the list to the project in the wall elements edition window.
  5. The duplicate centering menu of a wall element inserted into the project has been removed and displayed when editing it.
  6. The wall editor has been protected against an error when deleting values ​​in the “Changing wall parameters” window with the Backspace key.
  7. The function of inserting bevels has been improved in terms of updating their parameters.
  8. he automatic changes to the width and height of objects inserted in walls (e.g. window arrangements), which occurred when the object had larger dimensions than the wall, were saved. This way, if the same object is placed on a different face, it will not be scaled.


  1. It is ensured that the texture is correctly placed on the underside of the pedestals so that it does not rotate by 90 degrees.


  1. The scaling behavior of models after renaming the set they belong to has been corrected.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused differences during the conversion of the model on different positions.
  3. The option of retrieving the type name and the name of the set to which the model belongs from the name of the directory from which the file to be converted was loaded has been adjusted.
  4. Diacritical marks in file names are supported when converting models to DAE format via Assimp libraries.
  5. Minor lexical correction in the warning message about the large number of surfaces of the model.
  6. The program has been secured against disappearing of the project preview after model conversion and exiting the converter.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused differences during the conversion of the model on different positions.


  1. Removed incorrect information about the expiration of the security key.
  2. The display of the message about an incorrect project name in the new project creation window, which appears when special characters are used in the name, has been corrected.
  3. Removed non-functional “All projects” and “Recent projects” buttons from the view menu (they were no longer needed when the limit of 2000 projects that could be on the list was lifted).
  4. The program has been secured against the disappearance of directories from the project list after changing their name in the “Options” window after restarting this window.
  5. The operation of the arrows for moving working directories in the “Options” window, used to change the order of displaying directories with projects in a group view, has been corrected.
  6. The column with the last access date has been hidden in the project manager window (you can restore it in the right-click menu).


  1. Correction of editing view names saved in the “Scene settings” tab in the right menu, as well as the names of light groups in the “Lights” tab in the left menu have been introduced.
  2. It is possible to undo and redo grouping elements and faces in the visualization.
  3. The handling of objects after breaking has been changed so that their components are visible in the visualization.
  4. The program has been protected against an error that occurred after canceling printing of the current view to a PDF file.
  5. It was possible to remove the models that were inserted using the 3D Converter from the project, and then it was decided to re-convert or change the parameters (e.g. scale, insertion point), because after modification their previews in the project may be inconsistent with the changed geometry, which could among other things, to be displayed in a different position in the CAD environment and in visualization.
  6. The behavior of selecting items when the camera is outside the room has been corrected.
  7. The appearance of an error during defining systems was blocked in a situation where the second axis of the system was incorrectly defined.
  8. The function of adjusting texture to object size has been improved.
  9. An amendment has been introduced so that the halogens removed from the project will not appear on the list of lights under any circumstances.
  10. Improved display in the visualization of models that have been inserted into the project using the save and load room options.
  11. Fixed the operation of opening the texture tree (in the left menu) after clicking the link to the user texture used in the project (under the texture preview in the right menu).
  12. It is possible to turn off the visibility and / or lighting of a group of emitters from the level of the list of lights (so far it was possible only using the functions from the right menu).
  13. The zoom in and out effects using the mouse wheel (scroll) have been corrected.
  14. Corrected display of pantographs of Wardrobes in the visualization has been introduced so that they appear in the same position as in the Wardrobes and CAD environment.


  1. Searching for items in the database by name has been extended to include a standard type.
  2. Eliminated the break-through of interior and kitchen previews on Windows.
  3. Improved display of object thumbnails when switching between the interior and kitchen elements window.
  4. The display of highlighting for elements edited in the interior elements window has been improved.
  5. Correct indication of the edited model from the user database has been secured when there is a space at the end in the name of the type to which the model belongs.
  6. The program has been secured against ungrouping grouped objects in a situation when objects are replaced with other ones.
  7. Moving objects and their mirror images have been improved.
  8. The program for inserting interior design elements was adjusted using the “against the wall” method on both sides of partition walls.

Changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


  1. Fixed the generation of worktops with the “Two Cabinets” method in case one of the cabinets was the finishing cabinet.
  2. An correction to cutting openings in platforms has been introduced.


  1. The rule for modifying cabinets has been changed: if a cabinet has a right and left variant in the database, after renaming one of them, the name of the other is automatically changed, but the remaining parameters remain unchanged (unlike before).

  2. The option to restore the default sizes of cabinets in the “Global change options” tab has been fixed.


  1. 1. Added self-added locker group remembering after restarting the editor.


  1. Consideration of plinth slats in the valuation was restored.
  2. The display of the slat colors has been corrected.


  1. 1. The update of the kitchen cabinet valuation has been corrected with regard to the side and rear plinths.

Changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with the Render PRO module


  1. 1. Enable to display the results of Path tracing calculations on a second monitor (when dual-monitor display is enabled and full-screen render preview is invoked, it will appear on the second screen by default).

Changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor, as well as CAD Kitchens with the Ceramic Tiles Design module with an Editor


  1. The function of creating a copy of a joint in the fugue editing window has been restored.
  2. Introduced protection against errors that appear while deleting entries in the joint editor.
  3. Introduced The error that occurred when adding the name of a new position in the fugue editor has been fixed.
  4. Fixed option to change price for several tiles simultaneously.
  5. The program has been secured against damaging the tile databases, which occurred as a result of changes in tile prices, collections or collection types or tile names.
  6. The price change actions for individual tiles, collections, types of collections and entire databases were regulated.


  1. The selected fugue is remembered on the copied areas of the tiles.
  2. Turning off the distance measurement function in the “Documentation” tab of the lower tile menu has been adjusted after changing the display of tiles (e.g. only cut or whole tiles).
  3. Introduced saving the random tile arrangement after reopening the project.


Changed files:

agd.dll 2020-12-15
baseedit.dll 2020-12-15
blaty.dll 2020-12-15
CADDecor.exe 2021-01-07
dodatki.dll 2020-12-15
Editor.exe 2020-12-15
kafle.dll 2021-01-21
konwerter3d.dll 2020-12-11
listwy.dll 2020-12-15
Manager.dll 2020-12-15
podesty2.dll 2020-12-15
szafki_nowe.dll 2020-12-15
ukrywacz.dll 2020-12-22
Walls_dll.dll 2020-12-15
walls2.dll 2020-12-15
wycena.dll 2020-12-15
PlytkiEdytorBazy.exe 2020-12-16
translation.xgz 2021-01-05
Render.Pro.dll 2020-10-15
scena.bin 2020-09-24
baza Tikkurila
bazaMateriały Standard

* changes are published within 48 hours.

26 January 2021

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