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Update from 28th December 2016

CAD Cut 4.0

New features and changes in CAD Cut 4.0

Name Description
New interface completely changed interface – now it is a modern, transparent and easier to use
HASP code added ability to paste HASP code
Changes in the dictionary added ability to upload materials to the dictionary; after importing the order allowed to edit the material cabinets; Improved loading the dictionary of veneers from the magazine of formats; while canceling adding a new name to the dictionary veneers its previous contents remain unchanged
Advertising in the label printing has been added to ad labeling Zebra
Additional window added a window database management projects, where you can add a new project, import it or export, delete, and open directory project database
Security when you do not have selected any sheets or formats is not possible to edit them or delete them
Project Database
  • improved the default path of project database – no need to browse directories and disks for a specific project, since all displayed in a single window;
  •  the ability to sort columns in the project database by creation date, modification date, and the name; also added buttons “close” and “open” in the lower right corner;
  • icons exports and the removal project is not active when no project is selected; window project database is opened only by clicking on the corresponding icon; Improved import of the project, whose name already exists.
Valuation so far the program took all the formats in the project, now has been corrected and takes only those that have been used for cutting
The new project after entering the project name that already exists window will appear with the message “The project of the same name already exists,” you must save the project under a different name; blocked the possibility of entering project names with special characters
Import wardrobes module while importing wardrobes can change the materials posted at this module
  • added the ability to select all elements by using the abbreviation “ctrl + a”;
  • improved scaling cabinets height;
  • when you expand all panel icons to the right of the main screen, scrolling added for ease of getting around these functions;
  • improved generation program cuts.


27 December 2016

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