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Update from 4 June 2019

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor


  • The ability to edit long texts has been added.
  • The decimals have been removed in millimetres in the dimension lines of the symbols.
  • Changes made in the table from the settings are saved
  • The PDF print quality has been improved, changing the way files are saved (the problem was related to hatching, which in the preview of the documentation was of better quality than PDF printout).
  • The possibility of using the colour from the RGB palette has been added on the floor, thanks to which an additional surface with the colour used is generated in the documentation.
  • The ability to cancel the operation to remove the top from the floor surface has been added.
  • The font size in the names of the same tiles used in the project has been unified.
  • The possibility of generating a zone selector on the technical drawing has been added.
  • The appearance, in special cases, in icad and visualization, of an additional protrusion  was eliminated.
  • Copying of pages in projects saved under the changed name has been improved.
  • The restore / repeat function (undo / redo) has been corrected which caused the appearance of an error message and blocking the program when creating the wall projections.
  • All letters are visible in the textbox after applying the Arial font in size 10.
  • Symbol’s auxiliary lines in PDF files have been removed.
  • The appearance of an error message when renaming a cabinet in the table has been eliminated.
  • The legend with symbols no longer shows blue previews after saving to a PDF file.
  • Hatching on the walls, after writing to the PDF file, shows up correctly.


  • Moving grouped textures has been improved.
  • The ability to hide objects that have a grouped texture has been added.
  • A change was introduced when applying Sigma/Tikkurila paints using a bucket with a few drops (application of the material to the layer), applying only works on walls that had no pre-set material.
  • The rotating of 3D objects along with the auxiliary lines, which caused random suspension of the program, has been improved.
  • The materials placed on the cabinet door made in the cabinet module are visible in the visualization.
  • Improved lighting selection in the list using the arrows on the keyboard.
  • Added ability to remember the colours applied to the equipment of the cabinets.
  • An error was eliminated that in special cases caused the top menu bar to disappear.
  • The export to obserVeR has been improved if the user uses a file that is blocked (used in another application or by another user).
  • The “Save a room” function has been improved, which did not stop working, which resulted in incorrect operation of the program and eventually its suspension or close.
  • Views saved with the use of several views save the angle settings of the camera.
  • Areas previously separated do not disappear after inserting a single tile.
  • Fast image saving including the current project name.
  • The operation of the font selection button during the recording of AVI movies in the copyright sign window has been improved.
  • Fixed dragging textures to walls when selecting multiple walls at the same time, previously the program randomly selected the wall, although the user pointed to the object on which the texture was to appear.
  • The saving of the type of material reflections in *.PAL files has been improved.
  • Texture memorization has been improved on a special model case.
  • The effect of the bumps appears on all the edges of the tiles.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when the project was exported to .cpv format, for a specific model.
  • The loading and saving of the bump effect defined in the tile database has been improved.


  • The readability of the window name (editor) when editing the connection has been improved.


  • The wall editing window appears in the center of the program screen during multi-monitor work.
  • The window of the environment is correctly positioned at multi-monitor work.
  • Added control of negative and zero values when inserting objects into the project, an attempt to insert with the above parameters results in the appearance of a message about the need to change parameters.
  • Editing inserted wall elements does not allow them to be moved outside the walls.
  • The editing of the inserted connectors shows the correct element and the previously selected wall position
  • Connections inserted from the right edge of the wall are inserted at the correct distance.


  • Improved loading of models using the “Add object from project” function, in case if the object will be inserted into the project as a contour, the user will receive a message with information about the lack of DWX files.
  • Objects inserted from the User Database, in conjunction with the selected additional elements using the “Add part from project” function, appear in the converter next to each other.
  • The appearance of a message with an error which appeared while adding to the converter interior objects together with wall elements was eliminated using the function ” Add a section from the design”. The ability to add wall elements from the project has been blocked.
  • Objects added to the User Database at the first start of the database are visible in the window with models.
  • The interior objects added to the converter together with the wall elements after conversion retain their shapes.
  • Selecting a different insertion point than “Original from object” after inserting the object into the design does not cause duplication.


  • The interior design element inserted into the project as “full” after editing does not change the designation to “contour”.
  • By saving the model palette, the texture position is saved.

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Render PRO


  • Radiosity calculations were continued even though the program could not do the scene diagnostics and repair.
  • The appearance, in special cases, of black reflections on surfaces after Raytracing calculations has been eliminated.
  • Putting a watermark on saved pictures (recording multiple views) does not reduce the quality of the photos.
  • The “GI Colour” and “GI Emission” sliders have been improved during Radiosity calculations.
  • The depth of focus parameters have been improved, the minimum distance for the depth effect has been set to 20 cm.
  • In special cases, after calculating the Path tracing, artifacts appeared on the views (white squares). The precision of the X, Y coordinates for the Path tracing calculation has been improved, and a change has been made that gives the right results, even at scenes far removed from the 0.0 points.

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with the Ceramic Tile Design Module


  • When loading tile databases, entering the text in the search window does not cause an error message.
  • The recently created protrusion/recess in the wall after the restart of the program shows the material properties on the side walls.


  • Too dense division of tiles areas on large radius curves suspended the program, added security and a message for the above cases informing the user that the object has an area exceeding the safe value of 500, in order to optimize the program, the “tiles” option will be disabled.


  • A key lock was introduced until the image was loaded, because the image modification options were active before the image was loaded, which resulted in the appearance of an error message when attempting to scale.
  • The addition of tiles to the User Database has been improved, the “Add” button will appear only if the user correctly completes the Collection type and the Collection name.
  • Entering values ​​below 4 pixels while scaling the image caused the appearance of an error message, added security, if the user enters a value less than 4 in the x or y size field will receive a message about the need to change the parameter to a minimum – 4 × 4 pixels, the program will react in the same way too large images, will inform the user about the need to reduce the image below the 4096 × 4096 parameters.

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens


  • The operation of the User Cabinet Editor has been improved, which has not been activated in a special case.

Common changes for CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor


  • The operation of the “tiles randomly” option in tiles arrangement has been improved.

Changes in CAD Kitchens


  • The occurrence of errors that resulted in the program being suspended after the converter processed the projects was eliminated.

Changes in CAD Kitchens without the Ceramic Tiles Design Module


  • The ability to edit the area covered with Sigma and Tikkurila paints has been turned off.

Changes in CAD Kitchens with the Ceramic Tiles Design Module


  • The editing of the area covered with Sigma and Tikkurila paints has been improved, the “Remove paints” option has been added.

Changes in files:

kafle.dll 04-06-2019
dodatki.dll 31-05-2019
konwerter3d.dll 10-05-2019
SzafyWnekoweDll.dll 20-05-2019
walls2.dll 29-04-2019
blaty.dll 23-04-2019
podesty2.dll 17-04-2019
RenderPro2\x64\RenderProcess.exe 31-05-2019
Editor.exe 04.06.2019
RenderDll.dll 30.05.2019
Walls_dll.dll 30.04.2019


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