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Update from 4 November 2020

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens

Common changes to CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens


  • Improved display of images and other objects in the documentation after changing the screen resolution.

Changes to the Wardrobes Module

  • The program has been secured against disappearance of the sliding system after changing the width of the door space.
  • Suppression of blocked drawers in calculating the cell height when inserting subsequent items has been corrected.
  • Errors that occurred when moving a cell in a situation where an additional main partition was inserted in it have been fixed.
  • Improved remembering the settings for drawers in case of deselecting the “Sides present” option several times.
  • Added missing translation to the Sliding Door Track Change menu.
  • The functionality has been supplemented with the possibility of inserting a handle for single-leaf hinged doors.
  • The interface of the sliding door editor has been improved.
  • Errors that occurred when selecting the “no body” option when the cabinet door is in the open position have been fixed.
  • The door was prevented from being divided by the main shelves in a situation where the cabinet was not divided with partitions.
  • Implemented protection against program suspension when trying to insert a cabinet for very large projects.
  • Ensure that the cabinet is correctly edited after it has been inserted into the project.
  • The generation of illustrations with cabinet dimensions has been improved.
  • Corrected display of recessed cabinets equipment in the visualization.
  • Corrected the creation of storage drawers to properly align with other drawers.
  • The display of recently inserted handles in a closet with opening doors in the CAD environment has been improved.
  • Visualization is provided in the visualization of all types of grips used, including default grips.
  • Removed the appearance of an additional partition after changing the recess dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue where the texture was automatically removed from the storage compartment after selecting the ‘space dividing the door’ option. Option to divide vertically opening doors has been added.
  • The operation of the option of dividing the storage compartment after changing the door from sliding to opening has been corrected.
  • Disabling the presence of doors in the rack has been improved so that the change is visible immediately after closing the sliding door editor window.
  • Correction of moving the storage compartment has been implemented.
  • An error has been fixed that caused the cabinet body to be removed automatically when canceling the base change.
  • The error that occurred when inserting additional elements into the cabinet has been eliminated.
  • A correction of generating reports with regard to the calculation of structural elements has been introduced.
  • Optimized the recess shrink performance in terms of updating the location of the rack components.
  • The interface of the windows “Door visibility”, “Standard modules” and “User modules” has been adapted to the appearance of the rest of the module. The way of saving reports in PDF format has been changed, making its operation independent of the presence of Java environment on the computer.
  • The possibility of inserting two door systems has been blocked.
  • The display of the view panel (arrows for moving in the visualization of the wardrobe module and icons for zooming in and out) has been restored.
  • The placement of partitions in the storage space has been improved after adding the outer screen.
  • The handling of fields in the “Single recess” window has been improved so that when checked or unchecked, the window does not close automatically.
  • Protected empty cells against the self-deletion that accompanied the deletion of other elements.
  • The operation of sliding drawers has been corrected to make it work properly under all circumstances.
  • A fix for checking path to cabinet project backups has been added.

Changed files:

kafle.dll 2020-11-03
SzafyWnekowe.dll 2020-10-28
reportstyle_produkcja.css 2020-04-03
borlndmm.dll 2013-06-07
cc32130.dll 2013-06-07
cc32130mt.dll 2013-06-07
cg32.dll 2013-06-07
midas.dll 2013-06-07
Szafy.exe 2020-11-03
wkhtmltopdf.exe 2018-06-12

*changes are published within 48 hours.

4 November 2020

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