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Update from 28th December 2016

CAD Decor 2.3, CAD Kitchens 6.3, CAD Decor PRO

1. Changes in limits on the accounts in the new version of the CAD Share – it:

Basic version PRO version
Cost free for all users of our programs with active service package free for users of CAD Decor PRO, for the holders of the remaining programs paid according to the price list
Start active service package active PRO Publisher package
Disk Space* 100 MB (was 40 MB) 1 GB (was 400 MB)
The monthly exchange** without limits (was 15 MB / month) without limits
Downloading projects ***
limit 200 downloads / month (was 50) 2,000 limit downloads / month (was 500)
Number of galleries one many
Logo no yes
Statistics downloads no yes

*The total amount of space on the server for a single-user projects | **The amount of MB that the user can send to the server per month | ***1 download = 1 displays the project using an e-mail link or QR code

2. Other changes in the CAD Share-it:

  • icon has been added to the rapid publication “Share in the Share-it to last used account and send”- great facility to send the current view on the most recently used account via email. In case of failure, which can be caused by even the lack of space on your account, or a problem with the connection to the server is running full application interface Share-it;
  • CAD  Share-it – version of Android it now has the opportunity to work with the goggle-type 3D Cardboard and plastic counterparts. Warning! It requires gyroscope and Android at least 4!

3. Twice the resolution has been increased publication Share – it 3DE and presentation.

4. Increased ability to record video up to 60 frames / second -> (in previous versions of the maximum possible record was 25 frames / second. The default also increased the number of recording with 15 frames / second at 25.

5. Changes in the “Presentation”:

  • A new panel with 3D features, which makes it easy to set these parameters;
  • Added the ability to record movies in 3D mode “Side by Side” and “Top and bottom”, which is compatible with most devices that display content in 3D;
  • A new feature simultaneous recording of video quality 2D and 3D without the additional expenditure of time;
  • Added the ability to set any amount of visibility and added our text or logo for the film by an additional panel in the “Presentation” option enabled “proprietary mark”;
  • New multi-monitor feature is available as a new icon in the program, which allows you to display a view on the secondary monitor / TV / projector, in both 2D and 3D. This requires only the connection of an additional display or a projector!
  • Export Module 3D is no longer an additional module in the CAD Kitchen Standard (in other programs has always been a standard module).
  • Export 3D has become the basic and standard functionality of all our programs, while allowing the publication Share – it and save 3DE!

Updated files:
AD_Share_it/CAD_Share_it.exe (
Manager.dll   03.11.2016
kafle.dll   16.12.2016

28 December 2016

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