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Update of the Wardrobe Module

We have completed service and maintenance work; thus we launched the Internet Updater. We have improved matters regarding speed and stability of operation. With the launch of the improved updater, you can find an installation file with the latest Wardrobe Module.

From the first contact with the new module, changes are noticeable – the Basic Options Wizard has been simplified. The addition of the original cabinet is now faster, and options such as customer data or study data can be added after the project has been completed. It is worth paying attention to an easier way to edit the partition of the storage space. Thanks to this, the configuration of the new cabinet is just a few clicks.

We have improved the automatic generation of the depth of the drawers. Currently, the depth of the drawer is consistent with the depth of the cabinet. So far, the drawers have been generated to a depth of 40 cm.

The problem with the thickness of the boards has also been solved. Currently, the thickness of the plates is determined in the tab with the choice of materials. The ability to set materials for all types of doors in wardrobes has been added.

Considering the opinions of our clients, we have added folding doors, which can be divided into any number of parts, creating a harmonica. The new type of door also includes new fittings and handles with the possibility of setting at any angle. When preparing the visualization, the door can be closed or opened with one move. In addition, to make the visualization look even better, the wardrobe can be filled with a clothes from the level of the cabinet module, and in order to facilitate and speed up this process, we have created the “insert random object” option, thanks to which the wardrobe will be filled with a clothes and more in one movement.

Another important element of the module update is the new edition of the upper part of the cabinet. Up to now, the upper rim could be in harmony with the whole structure or be extended forward. Currently, after our changes it is also possible to insert the wreath inside the wardrobe. Thanks to this, you can get a place for lamps illuminating the interior of the cabinet, mounted directly in the suspended ceiling. The possibility of sliding the wreath from 10 cm to 30 cm was also increased.

The configuration of the storage space door has been improved, which is now a functional duplication of the main door. Thanks to this, we have eliminated all errors reported to us related to the storage space doors.

In the Module we have added the possibility of inserting the sliding door itself, acting as a folding wall. It is made by selecting the “without the corpus” option.

The last novelty is the ability to set the sides of the cabinet on the plinth, and not as it was so far on its sides.

We started to distribute the Wardrobe Module in October 2013. In the process of creating the module, we cooperated with our clients. Designed for the design, valuation and visualization of various types of cabinets, shelves and wardrobes. Compatible with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor. In the autumn of 2014, the program was updated in accordance with the suggestions of customers, numerous improvements were added. Currently, the program has undergone another metamorphosis, details of which can be found in the updates history.

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