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Updates from June to September 2017

CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor 2.3, CAD Kitchens 6.3

Over the last months we have made the following changes and corrections.

After changes in kafle.dll file:

  • Publishing to CAD Share-it is single,
  • The halogens in the visualization properly add to the list,
  • The edges of partition walls are generated without problems,
  • The UV texture when you copy the models remains in place,
  • In long rooms, tile configuration are decomposing properly,
  • You can use the slider control that generates a dimension when you create a recess in the wall with tiles,
  • New functionality has emerged: tile search (a loupe tool) that will allow you to enter a collection name to search for a particular tile without having to search the entire database,
  • the opportunity to full handling for hexagonal tiles (the emergence of new ones, we will provide on a regular basis).

After changes in the AGD.dll file:

  • it will be possible to search the household appliances after phrases, without the need for manual search to find a specific item or group of items.

After changes in CAD_Share_it.exe file:

  • it works correctly sending emails with an invalid logo file

After changes in the konwerter3d.dll file:

  • It is now possible to export database along with palettes and used in these materials,
  • changed way of converting files – added new API to convert .skp files

After changes in dodatki.dll file:

  • models after editing the elements from base of elements appear correctly

After changes in the blaty.dll file:

  • autogeneration works on corner cabinets.

After changes in the manager.dll file:

  • A message appears about opening a corrupted file.

Updated files:
Blaty.dll 13.07.17

19 September 2017

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