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A few months ago, we presented the obserVeR application, used to present virtual spaces generated using the Professional Rendering Module. Thus, every user of our programs who has the latest Render PRO update can generate a virtual interior presentation. Thanks to this, it is possible to navigate the project freely, get acquainted with the colours and arrangement of furniture and equipment.

Today we present another novelty – the brand which deals with the preparation of interactive VR presentations enriched with motion, sound and other elements that enliven the space. The brand offer is addressed to developers, producers, architects, marketers and other professionals.

Thanks to presentations in VR, developers can show fully equipped apartments, still under construction. In addition, interiors can be enriched with sound and information elements, such as texts placed in space or appearing on surfaces. It is possible to change the colour of the walls and floors, replace the equipment and open doors and other moving parts that have been prepared in our team of specialists. This way of presenting allows the developer to distinguish his offer on the market, and to potential clients to get used to the future apartment.

The offer addressed to producers is the opportunity to present entire collections in one place. It is possible to make a virtual sales room or a flat equipped with products from the offer. For example, a sofas manufacturer can show all in one place or let the customer edit a room, and then choose the chosen model for it. You can also create virtual catalog cards that contain technical information and display over the selected element. Virtual reality gives huge presentation possibilities, and the only limit is imagination.

For architects, the opportunity to present a design project is an easy way to stand out in the crowd. Currently, technological capabilities allow virtually any 3D file to be exported to VR.

Marketing is currently one of the fastest growing industry in Poland. Advertisements, social media, fair events, it is difficult to list all the areas where marketers move, who try to distinguish the client’s brand as much as possible. Virtual reality lets you let your imagination run wild and prepare any presentation of products and brands. Since the appearance of computers with the Internet, digital marketing has become practically the most important pillar of marketing activities.

However, the Vinterior brand does not just close to these market segments. We perfectly understand that VR is entering a variety of areas of life. One such alternative is a virtual escape room. We are open to new challenges.

The presentation of the possibilities was prepare for this year’s edition of Łódź Design Festival as part of the Open Program – “Synesthesia. Integrated perception “. The leitmotif was to affect all the senses. The image has been supplemented with sound that can be localized easily in VR. We also took care of the proper smell of a fresh apartment, which made the whole a pleasant character. Moving inside the presentation best describes a video that we recorded during the Festival. It shows how it looks like moving around in virtual reality after 3 styles – minimalalism / jungle / wabi sabi.

We invite you to the website of our new brand:

See videos presenting the possibilities of virtual reality:

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