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We have it! New versions of all our programs are waiting for you!

The update you will find on your updaters is the biggest one in a few years, which is why it was checked in an unusual way. At the beginning of October, 300 brave people received a pre-premiere version of CAD Decor PRO 3.0 from us to indicate possible weaknesses in our software. With your help and experience, we found a few small things that we quickly verified. Interior design programs -> CAD Decor PRO 3.0, CAD Decor 3.0 and CAD Kitchens 7.0 is a revolution in our technical documentation and even better quality of Render PRO. On the occasion of the beta version, pre-premiere and recent workshops at Warsaw Home, you also submitted a number of suggestions for working in the new version of the programs. We will work on them systematically after the premiere of our software.

Changes in new versions of the programs concern 2 aspects: consistent and identical technical documentation in all our programs (CAD Decor PRO 3.0, CAD Decor 3.0, CAD Kitchens 7.0) and extremely effective and photorealistic Render PRO (CAD Decor PRO 3.0 and programs with Render PRO). The rest of the working environment in 2D and 3D is unchanged, and you can approach the new versions bravely and calmly. 🙂 Try to intuitively deal with new versions of our software, and in the case of difficulties, as usual, you will be saved by our instructions of the programs and new instructional videos (we are still working on them). Users with an active service package can, of course, rely on the professional help of our technical support. We have also changed our program of stationary training in Poznań, adding two new items → ” AT THE START” and “NEW”. On our website you will find a training program, a price list and contact to sign up for a convenient date.

The author’s Render PRO in the CAD Decor PRO program in the new version allows you to create photorealistic visualizations and other forms of presentation even faster, more realistically and more easily. The ergonomics of work guarantee a completely new interface, facilitating the achievement of professional rendering effects without advanced knowledge in this field. The user of the program will find basic rendering and presentation functions on one side of his screen, such as Radiosity and default Ray tracing, while on the right the more specialized options are: diagnostics, properties and scene settings. The final renders, with a 4K resolution (3860 x 2160), will be able to perform in a few minutes, setting any number of lights in a project at the same time. A new PATH TRACING algorithm will take care of precise and realistic lighting and natural shadows in the design. Our new algorithm also offers a new way of presenting the design of any interior – panorama and spherical animation, thanks to which we can show the project directly on the Facebook profile. With a good interior design, likes, hearts and orders will sprinkle themselves. 🙂

All our interior design programs in new versions have the ability to generate professional technical project documentation that can operate larger projects than before. At the same time, the documentation has been “armed” with a number of functions facilitating work with complicated projects. The designer does not need to have extensive knowledge of the technical drawing to do it professionally. A completely new, friendly interface will be suggested by an exemplary documentation template in which it will be able to generate any number of sections and quads, duplicate them or attach a texture for any selected element of the documentation. We have managed to combine colourful and interesting documentation for your client and an accurate dimensioned design with all of its components or connections and installations for your contractor.

Some of you may need some time to get to know the new version. We understand your tight calendars and allow you to work on the old version of the program, without any limits. The new version will be installed independently as a second program, and the bases and designs from the old version are shared in CAD Decor PRO 3.0, CAD Decor 3.0 and CAD Kitchens 7.0. To download the new version simply run the web updater manually or wait for its cyclical and automatic launch at program start-up.

What equipment does the new version work on? The exact system and hardware requirements adapted to the latest versions of the programs, you will find as always on our website. We even offer specific sets of equipment that we provide with the software already installed.

Remember that your possible and new suggestions will be dealt with at the end of the year. We will continue to develop our unique products, like the fearless Spartans. 🙂 In the computer industry and interior design, products are never “finished”. The change of trends or the way of working with clients stimulates the next updates all the time. We promise that we will always create the best product.

See how it works!
Presentation film of new in Render PRO

Presentation film
of new technical documentation

Do you want to know what has changed?
Familiarize yourself with our description
of new products

Animation of the interior of the house
made in CAD Decor PRO 3.0

Panorama and spherical animation
with the option to share on Facebook

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