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We know the winners – Tubądzin Design Awards 2020!

Not only the final gala, but the entire Tubądzin Design Awards competition took place in a slightly changed formula, due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic influenced not only our everyday lives, often forcing us to work at home, but also forced us to take a new look at architecture and the world around us. Grand Prix winners have created a refuge building that allows users to hide in beautiful nature and escape the city noise.

The body of the designed building is inscribed in the space of nature. House users can freely design its layout, all spaces are located on mezzanines, and each of them provides a beautiful view of the lake.

The Gąska Studio project has crossed the boundaries of thinking about architecture as a rigid, defined space, and it launched contextual thinking. We rewarded architects’ courage in looking at the use of space and the role of architecture. #azyl discovers and broadens the boundaries of the perception of the design of objects, inserting them naturally into the natural surroundings, the boundaries of which are not violated – commented the architect and chairman of the jury Boris Kudlička.

Participants submitted their projects choosing one of several categories: Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture and Future Now. The last category is a response to the current situation. Projects submitted to the Future Now category are a new look at architecture that is to respond to the challenges of a changing world.

Congratulations to all winners!


YOUNG POWER category:
1st place – Wiktoria Sawicka, Poland
2nd place – Ludwika Pysz (współautorzy: Antonina Wójtowicz, Mateusz Dziuba), Poland
3rd place – Diana Crestian, Republic of Moldova

1st place- Romana Grushchynska (współautorki: Olha Kazmiruk, Lubov Vozniak), Ukraine
2nd place – Olga Lupandina (współautorka: Lina Yazovsky), Russian Federation
3rd place – Vladislav Makovskiy, Ukraine

1st place – Łukasz Gąska (co-author: Marta Sowińska-Gąska), Poland
2nd place – Adam Żarczyński (co-authors: Aleksandra Ankiewicz i Maria Dobrowolska), Poland
3rd place – Kateryna Kuznetzova (co-authors: Anastasiia Sholopova, Valerii Kuznetzov), Ukraine

Special award – Ceramic tile object: Vadim Crasnojon, Republic of Moldova
Special award – Challenge: Maja Berlińska (co-author: Aleksandra Łukasik), Poland
Special award – Investment Scale: Yuliia Podolets (co-authors: Vitaliy Lytvyn, Kateryna Kubai, Yulia Terletska, Volodymyr Balandiukh)
Special award – The best elevation: Łukasz Gąska (co-author Marta Sowińska-Gąska), Poland
Special award of the editorial office of the whiteMAD magazine: Elżbieta Szymańska, Poland
AQForm special award: Adam Żarczyński (co-authors: Aleksandra Ankiewicz, Maria Dobrowolska), Poland
Audience Award: Mateusz Persanowski, Poland

The final gala took place on February 25 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. You can see its entire record on video.

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