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We support the LUG Best Project Contest 2018!

Interior design is a very dynamic industry in which a well-chosen work tool is a key support for architects and interior designers. So we decided to come back this year as a Partner of the Interior – Concept category, the LUG Best Project Contest 2018, just like in the first edition. The object of the competition in our category is to prepare a PROJECT of any interior with the use of LUG luminaires and the FLASH & DQ collection. We do not impose restrictions in the topic, functionality and size of the room.

We give you the LUG – FLASH & DQ database and complete freedom of action. The FLASH & DQ database can be found in your program, on our subpage with databases and in the link next to it. The only limitation is time, your commitment and creativity. The organizer is waiting for projects until 31.10, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a lot of projects made in CAD Decor PRO and our other programs.

The competition project in the Interior – Concept category should consist of:

  • minimum of 1 projection of a room or related rooms that are a functional whole, illuminated by Flash & DQ brand luminaires; format: .dwg or .pdf;

  • minimum 3 visualizations of the presented solution.

All details about the competition and the Regulations can be found on the very transparent contest website. Maybe you will also be interested in the competition option – realisation or other category – architecture – under the patronage of BIM Object.

LUG – FLASH & DQ database is compatible with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens programs. The database was updated in November 2016.

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