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Your home is your refuge – Ceramika Paradyż

Create a unique space that is a reflection of your soul.
The subtlety of the Soul collection allows you to adapt the interior to your needs in accordance with the individual sense of aesthetics. The versatility of wood-like tiles (matte texture) along with their stylistic delicacy (subdued shades of beige and dark brown) allows for arrangements in a traditional or modern spirit – it’s up to you where you find your peace, your rock. The Soul series consists of 7,2 x 44,8 cm plinths and rectified Glazed milled rockets in the 14,8 x 89,8 cm format. Breathe new life into your home!

Your home is your refuge – a place where you feel safe, where you can be just yourself.
What you need is peace and harmony around you. Thanks to the delicate graphics of the Hilton series in ocher and dark brown, you will bring balance to the interior of your home, creating a plane to create a unique, personal atmosphere. Oak Hilton wood panels, available in two sizes (bases – 7,2 x 49,1 cm, glazed gres 16 x 98,5 cm), bring subtlety and naturalness to the rooms arranged by you. Live in harmony with yourself, live in harmony with nature!

The most fashionable shape of the last season – the hexagon is completed with mirrors!
We suggest supplementing the Esagon and Hexx Universum collections with universal mirrors in the same format (26 x 26 cm and 17,1 x 19,8 cm). They can also be used independently – without the need to match hexagonal ceramic tiles. This additional element will allow you to create even more interesting and impressive arrangements.

More information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Baza Ceramika Paradyż is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tiles Module. You can also download it using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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