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Paradyż Classica – collections straight from a dream

Paradyż Ceramics presents 9 new collections of Paradyż Classica of Dreams. The collections reflect the need to celebrate everyday life, giving space to strengthen relationships with loved ones and to discover the beauty of nature. The collections are available in 30×60 cm format, enriched with many different decors to meet the needs of modern design enthusiasts.

The Happiness collection draws on the exoticism of nature, which is emphasised by organic decor in the form of expressive parrots against a background of lush vegetation or sublime palm leaves highlighted with glossy ink.

The Ideal collection is classic, with a mesmerising decorative element in the form of a versatile glass panel that shimmers in shades of gold amidst lush foliage. The tile with wood graphics is complemented by a beautiful tonal Wood mosaic in the shape of a hexagon, made using stoneware technology. A unique texture that combines classic and modern.

The Sweet collection is a combination of classics – noble grey and royal blue, with an expressive flower motif or patchwork rich oriental fabrics, which thanks to special effects can not only be seen but also felt.

Classics involving marble never go out of fashion, especially complemented by geometric decorative elements in the form of a structure and inserts with directional graphics, highlighted with gold.

The Illusion collection combines the nobility of stone with organic patterns, highlighted by shiny gold. Delicate, warm shades of onyx-textured tiles, which are complemented by decorations in shades of grey.

The Bliss collection consists primarily of sublime calacatta marble designs in Silver and Gold, whose soft lines are accentuated by reactive and matt special effects. The collection is complemented by the chosen mosaic: glass or arabesque, which emphasises soft forms and modern geometry.

The Hope collection is a combination of classic and subtle modernity. The delicate satin finish of the tiles will add elegance to the created interior. On the other hand, the modern character will be emphasised by the geometric decor in an unusual combination of pulpis and calacatta stones, which, thanks to the special effects applied, constantly plays with light.

The Dream collection is distinguished by subtle colours in the shade of grey, referring to classic stone. Base tiles combined with a universal glass insert with a lush green motif or a ceramic panel with a water lily motif will change the space into a mysterious garden.

The Memories collection offers a sense of stability and naturalness in toned shades of cement and wood. The geometric, soft structures play gently with light and balance the interior, while the beautiful wood-inspired hexagonal stoneware mosaic becomes a fashionable complement.

For more information please visit the manufacturer’s website.

The Paradyż Classica database is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kuchnie with Ceramic Tiles module. It can also be downloaded on an ongoing basis using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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