Cookies Policy

1. Definition of cookies files and their types

Cookies are computer data, in particular small text files, stored in user endpoints for web pages. Cookies can be used to better personalize web sites, improve specific aspects of their use, and record online activities. Cookies are saved by the CAD Projekt Server on the user’s end device (computer or mobile device), which displays the website (hereinafter “Service”), which the server can read during a single connection to the Service. Cookies typically include the name of the website from which they came from, their retention time on the end device, and a unique number.

2. Removing and blocking cookies files by the User

Cookies are stored on User’s device and remain there for a specified period of time. Cookies can be session files – they are removed from the browser after it has been closed or permanently stored – they remain saved for a specified period of time in the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user. The browser automatically removes those cookies for which expiry date has expired. The user of the Service may, however, remove the cookies himself using the advanced web browser options he / she uses (for example – Mozilla Firefox). Support for these files can be permanently disabled in your browser settings, however, some features of the Service may no longer be available. If you want to know more about cookie files, go to or if you want to learn more about removing them from your web browser, go to

3. The meaning of cookies files and Users’ personal data

Durable cookies allow you to customize the content presented on the Website to your preferences, and also serve statistical purposes, such as which pages were viewed by the User’s site.
Information obtained through cookies is anonymous, and it is not possible to identify them on the basis of their use. CAD Projekt does not download any personal or address data from the User or any confidential information from his / her computer.
Cookies allow you to: provide the user with the information and services that he or she is looking for, including downloads, support requests, support for forms available on the Service, login to the Gallery in the Designer Gallery; conducting internal research to improve the Service, products and services in the form of questionnaires; setting functions and services in the Service according to user preferences; optimizing the performance of the Service; displaying ads and other marketing content tailored to the user’s preferences and interests; prevent the abuse and detection of abuse through the Service.
Cookies used by the Service’s partners, including, in particular, Service users, are subject to their own privacy policy.