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You can contact with our technical support by phone, email or via the form below.
Please have your HASP key designation ready when you call our Technical Support.

  • The message is not a program error but information for the user.
  • Radiosity Render counts as long as RAM memory is available.
  • If the memory usage in the whole computer fluctuates around 85-90%, the program will stop calculating.
  • The appearance of a message does not mean complete rendering of the scene, but the use of all available RAM memory.
  • The user decides when to stop the render. In most cases, this is the moment when dark stains on objects disappear. Not later than after dozen minutes.
  • Longer calculation time Radiosity eliminates dark stains, but does not result better quality visualization.
  • If the dark stains do not disappear after a dozen/several minutes, you must do Final gathering.
  • The message appears twice. After 15 minutes and / or when the available memory runs out in the system.
  • The message may appear earlier than after 15 minutes if RAM memory has been exhausted before.
  • RAM memory will wear out faster when the design is heavier.
  • The longer the program counts, the more RAM it use.
  • CAD programs share RAM memory with other programs, so if, for example, we use an e-mail program, a browser with more than a dozen internet bookmark, other programs, then the pool of available RAM for CAD software will be smaller so the message will appear earlier.
  • The graphics card and its memory are not related to the above message.

1. Go to the location where the program was installed, enter the Temp subfolder and delete the Tfiles subfolder.
2. Next, please check if there is a file named cdb in the Temp folder. If it is, please delete it.
3. In the next step, please run the web updater from the iupdate file.
4. The updater should work correctly displaying the missing updates.

Please go to the location where the program was installed. Locate the vc_redist2013 folder and start the vcredist_x64.exe file inside. Please go through the installation by clicking “next” without changing its parameters. Please follow the described steps on the off program. This problem should be solved.

Service and Technical Support

operates from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM,
from Monday to Friday

tel. +48 61 662 38 83


e offer specialized software and you can fully count on our expertise and experience when using it!

In our designer zone you will find a knowledge center and instructional videos, as well as all necessary information about operation and working in our programs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information provided. Also, on our FAQ page, we have prepared answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to most of our problems.

When you need to solve a particular problem our Service and Support department is at your disposal. Please remember that our Service does not provide trainings in program operation over the phone or on-line. We also no longer support CAD Decor 1.9, CAD Kitchens 5.6 and older versions of our software. The most effective method of contacting our technical support is to fill out the Technical Contact Form above.