Wardrobe module


ardrobe Module is user friendly thanks to the use of parametric design method and intelligent, automated solutions, f.e. automatic symmetrical placement of components. Your comfort is also ensured by the dynamic 3D modeling features, thanks to which elements can be easily moved with the mouse. Not only the arrangement of layout and construction is easy and fast, but also generation of data for production is ready in no time! The documentation is based on wardrobe formats present in the project. All this shortens the time necessary to create a complete design of a wardrobe or closet arrangement to a minimum!

Currently wardrobe modeling proceeds on the basis of a universal database. It gives you freedom in selection of wardrobe components and flexibility in cooperation with carpenters. In the future we will also share producer databases.

Why the Wardrobe Module?

  • simple, modern and friendly user interface
  • constant control of the project before manufacturing and installation – interactive 2D or 3D display in real time
  • comfortable construction: recess dimensions, options of wardrobe top and base, values of distances
  • fast and intuitive arrangement of components: partitions, shelves, rods, pantographs and accessories
  • rapid creation of bookshelves of various board thickness in the version without doors
  • ready-to-use modules and option of creation of your own sets of components
  • intelligent systems – automatic calculation of dimensions of inserted elements
  • modification of all components in any moment using a mouse
  • proportional changes in construction, dimensions adjust in real time
  • freedom in designing wardrobe sliding doors, options of adding arc and straight divisions
  • pre-defined material styles for all wardrobe elements: furniture boards, wood, mirror, glass, rattan, bamboo
  • possibility of using your own graphics from JPG files
  • textures are applied using the ‘drag-and-drop’ technique and loaded in the 3D visualization of our CAD programs
  • unique option of generation an ‘exploded’ views on illustrations
  • automatic dimensioning and option of adding notes directly on 2D or 3D preview
  • automatic error reporting, warning messages and an option of generation a list of errors
  • interactive modules of valuation and technical documentation with export to PDF and CSV files
  • detailed summary of components, estimated valuation of the project and 3 kinds of reports for clients and contractors
  • accurate wardrobe valuation – you can assign your own prices, currency, discounts and tax value to each element
  • the final report for production presents automatically generated list of elements with hyperlinks to their technical drawings, which can be exported to CAD Cut
  • halogens inserted in wardrobe ceiling emit real light in 3D visualization of CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO programs and are subject to edition like other light sources
  • your wardrobe can be presented in photo-realistic 3D visualization and animation in our CAD programs in various variants: without doors, with open doors or with closed doors

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