sing computer technologies for cutting furniture boards guarantees the most optimal usage of material during furniture production process. Automated planning of raw material consumption allows you to save time, money and work of your employees. In also minimizes the negative impact on the natural environment.

About program

Operation of CAD Cut is based on the simple rule, that on freely defined sheets particular formats (furniture parts) are placed in a way that ensures as little unused space as possible. Results of the cut optimization are visible on the preview, on which you can see the most economic arrangements of formats.
The CAD Cut program has been designed in a way ensuring its cooperation with cabinets’ databases in CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO programs. Thanks to that you can import lists of kitchen cabinets’ formats from orders made in these programs and generated the optimal cutting patterns. In addition, after the premiere of the new Wardrobe Module, which is an optional, specialized tool for CAD Kitchens, CAD Decor and CAD Decor PRO, we enabled CAD Cut to cooperate also with CAD Decor, so it is possible to import formats of wardrobes, created in any of our programs for interior design.
CAD Cut can also operate as an independent, standalone application. Then you can define formats’ dimensions manually or import them from text files or MS Access databases.


In September 2013 our aplication has been given
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  • advanced algorithms of cutting ensure a minimal usage of material during the optimization
  • communication between CAD Cut and other applications used in furniture plant – a convenient file format of imported data enables communication with databases, spreadsheets and warehouse programs
  • options of optimization – cutting in Vertical stripes, Horizontal stripes and Mixed – ensure the possibility to proceed cutting keeping the order of priorities, the high speed of work, the safety of the material (minimum number of moves protect the material from being damaged – so the amount of the waste is lowered)
  • an automated taking an optimal number of sheets from the magazine to use in a particular order, with various priorities of using full sheets or wastes left after previous cuttings
  • magazine options such as printing quantity reports, sorting and displaying magazine content
  • marking various kinds of veneers, including cuts and millings
  • a possibility of accepting the cutting pattern. This function allows correcting the program operation by approving or not the proposed pattern. The unaccepted patterns, and most of all – the undistributed formats are taken back to the formats list, and their cutting settings can be changed or they can wait for a new order
  • options of printing reports and optimization results have been improved, in a way that makes it possible for all users to configure the look and number of provided partial information
  • performance ergonomics – swapping between application windows without using the mouse using the key combination TAB + Enter. ensuring better usage of material during the optimization
  • options of importing formats of wardrobes designed in the Wardrobe Module from CAD Kitchens, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor programs and of importing text files with lists of wardrobe formats and default sheets
  • printing labels for formats containing information about their grain structure, expected veneers and designation of sheets, on which they were planned
  • functions of defining the veneer thickness and setting the premilling value, once for the entire order
  • switching between units (cm and mm) during adding and editing formats
  • printing the optimization report in millimeters or centimeters
  • special mark for successfully cut formats present on the format list after the optimization
  • 2 file formats available while saving the cut patter preview as illustration: JPG and BMP
  • automatic search of location of CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO programs – thanks to the automated search you do not have to configure the database catalogues to be able to import a cabinet or an order from CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO programs
  • improved operation of printing the optimal cutting pattern
  • a new philosophy of attributing the grain structure of formats imported from the User Cabinet Editor – the grain structure of components of cabinets created in the Cabinet Design and Edition Module, imported to CAD Cut, is now spread along the longer side of the element, and the longer dimension is given first
  • possibility to disable the default grouping of identical formats on the list – until now newly added formats with parameters identical to already existing ones were grouped together with their duplicates on the format list. At users request we made is possible to disable this automated grouping to facilitate validation of entered orders. This new function is available in the ‘Options’ tab in the top menu
  • support of the + symbol in format names – it protects the program against errors and gives more flexibility in creating individual format nomenclature
  • improved scaling of cabinet formats imported from CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO orders – when a cabinet has two or more formats lined up along the scaled dimension, the scaling will be performed proportionally. Note: this solution should not be used in case of fronts with decorations placed in equal distances because it may cause their distortion
  • printing labels for wastes with information about their dimensions, grain structure and sheets, from which they come from
  • more clear display of long format names in tables of optimization report (automatic moving to a new line instead of reducing the size of the font, what used to negatively influence visibility)
  • greater readability of format dimensions in a optimization report and unified display of dimensions on the preview and printout
  • selection of the font size for labels in the ‘Print a set of labels’ window
  • copying formats between cabinets during defining formats for kitchen cabinets in order to export them to CAD Cut from designs created in CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor PRO (available with the right mouse button after selecting the cabinet on the list of cabinets in the database edition window)
  • resetting the auto-numerated counter of designs
  • displaying the total area of used material in the ‘List of formats’
  • ability to simultaneously change the material of many formats, which have been attributed the same material as the currently edited format (for all or some formats – to narrow the function down to formats belonging to a particular group, e.g. single cabinet, you need to specify a common fragment of their names – the material will change only for formats with names containing the given text)
  • New interface – completely changed interface – now it is a modern, transparent and easier to use
  • HASP code – Added ability to paste HASP code
  • Changes in the dictionary – Added ability to upload materials to the dictionary; after importing the order allowed to edit the material cabinets; Improved loading the dictionary of veneers from the magazine of formats; while canceling adding a new name to the dictionary veneers its previous contents remain unchanged
  • Advertising – in the label printing has been added to ad labeling Zebra
  • Additional window – added a window database management projects, where you can add a new project, import it or export, delete, and open directory project database
  • Security – when you do not have selected any sheets or formats is not possible to edit them or delete them
  • Project Database:
    – improved the default path of project database – no need to browse directories and disks for a specific project, since all displayed in a single window
    – the ability to sort columns in the project database by creation date, modification date, and the name; also added buttons “close” and “open” in the lower right corner
    – icons exports and the removal project is not active when no project is selected; window project database is opened only by clicking on the corresponding icon; Improved import of the project, whose name already exists
  • Valuation – so far the program took all the formats in the project, now has been corrected and takes only those that have been used for cutting
  • The new project – after entering the project name that already exists window will appear with the message “The project of the same name already exists,” you must save the project under a different name; blocked the possibility of entering project names with special characters
  • Import wardrobes module – while importing wardrobes can change the materials posted at this modul
  • Others:
    – added the ability to select all elements by using the abbreviation “ctrl + a”
    – improved scaling cabinets height
    – when you expand all panel icons to the right of the main screen, scrolling added for ease of getting around these functions
    – improved generation program cuts
Would you like to test this program?

Download demo of the latest version of CAD 4.X or use the free CAD Cut 1.X.