About us

CAD Projekt K&A was created twenty four years ago by a group of enthusiasts of 3D graphics and specialist computer software for interior design.

Our unique programs based on CAD environment, ensured us a pioneer position on Polish market of interior design. But we still want to develop! Our young, creative and professional team is looking for new challenges all the time.

At the very beginning we were involved mostly in 3D graphics and computer animations, at the same time thinking of creating a special program for interior design. In 1997 we begun works on a breakthrough project, which was a software for projecting kitchens. The first version of the program, which we have called CAD Kitchens, from the very beginning proved to be very popular. With every modification and actualization we we followed suggestions and opinions of our customers, whose number was growing from year to year.

Our mission

CAD Projekt K&A in short:

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programs and aplications available in our offer: CAD Decor PRO, CAD Deor, CAD Kitchens, CAD Rozkrój, CAD Share-it and free online application netDecor
sales has exceeded 13000 copies in Poland and several hundreds abroad
our programs belongs to the most popular on Polish market software for interior desing and arrangement of various rooms – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, offices and others
we currently provide many language versions of our applications: Polish, English, Czech, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, German, Bulgarian and French – and the number of available languages is growing all the time
our broad offer is directed to: designers, architects, furniture showrooms and manufacturers, carpenters, developers, as well as producers of ceramic tiles, household appliances, paints, lighting, fittings, various furnishings and accessories


Adam Sterczała
Economic director
Krzysztof Dąbrowski
Creative director
Maciej Sławek
Development Director

CAD Projekt K&A team

At the beginning CAD Projekt K&A have been created by a team of several people, than a dozen, today is a unique company, which employs about 50 workers. We are a very diverse group, which together creates something unique and innovative for the interior design trade. Our experienced designers, smart programmers, familiar with our programs sales department, ingenious helpdesk, creative 3d form creators, careful accountants, smiling secretaries, profound testing and quality department, patient training department and exploring marketing department are looking after the best products and services #made in Poznań.  In one word, creative team, ready for every challenge that our clients and our branch will bring out for us!

Head Office

Poznański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, budynek A (wejście 1) – I piętro, ul. Rubież 46, 61-612 Poznań Infolinia 801 000 269, e-mail biuro@cadprojekt.com.pl