Service Package

It is free of charge for first 12 months and includes:

  • program actualization via Internet (updates and upgrades); most of the actualizations run automatically
  • access to Technical Support via phone or e-mail:
  • assistance in installation and maintenance
  • service and technical support (does not include learning to use the program by telephone and on-line)
  • submitting bug reports and customers suggestions
  • remote resolving problems (final decision whether such solution is necessary belongs to our service staff)

  • access to new databases and actualizations of the old ones (information about available databases provided on our website www
  • updates of CAD environment
  • Access to BASIC CAD Share-it applications (free for CAD Decor 3.X, CAD Kitchens 7.X and CAD Kitchens Max 7.X with active service pack) or PRO (free for CAD Decor PRO 3.x users with active service pack)

Your package expired?

After the service pack expires (the first year when you buy the program you get free!) You can extend it for another 12 months!
Contact our Sales Department for more information.