CAD Decor PRO 3.X


AD Decor PRO will help you design even large residential or commercial interiors from A to Z. After the space is drawn, you will place any items or favourite items of interior fittings from our universal or product bases, including those found on the net. Another step is to carry out the valuation and technical documentation of the project. For dessert you can leave project presentations, from photorealistic visualizations, 3D animations and mobile project presentations in CAD Share-it.

This makes CAD Decor PRO one of the most versatile design tools on the Polish market.

Why CAD Decor PRO 3.X?

  • ideal program for the most demanding professionals
  • full freedom during conducting project works in all kinds of interiors, both residential and commercial
  • friendly and intuitive interface guarantees easy operation even for beginners
  • many specialized modules included:Cabinet Design and Edition Module, expanded Ceramic Tiles Design Module (includes all features of CAD Decor), Render PRO Module and CAD Share-it
  • interactive designing process and wide range of drawing and edition tools
  • various options of drawing walls and easy creation of your own 3D elements
  • features facilitating insertion of kitchen cabinets and household appliances
  • generation of kitchen valuation reports (XLS and CSV formats) and full technical project documentation
  • functions of application, re-arrangement and rotation of tiles,
  • option of creation your own templates of tiles arrangements and unique function of optimization of tile usage
  • Tikkurila Paints Module offering selection of decorative paints and other coatings from Tikkurila’s offer and generation of their summary and valuation
  • Sopro Products Module containing product database by Sopro and Universal grout database, offering features of changing grout parameters, valuation of Sopro products and possibility of using your own colours of grouts
  • multiple databases of 3D models: equipment and decorations, kitchen furniture databases, tiles and household appliances, both universal by CAD Projekt and by renowned producers
  • option of creation your own database of various 3D models created using 3D Converter
  • arrangement of lighting, selection of materials, and setting properties of selected objects (transparency, light emission, gloss) takes place in the interactive, highly technologically advanced environment of visualization
  • Bump Mapping, Ambient Occlusion algorithms available on the basic level of rendering module
  • selection of various light distribution patterns and possibility of using your own IES files
  • interactive modification of light sources parameters with real-time preview
  • the best results of rendering ensured by advanced algorithms of Global Illumination: Radiosity, Ray tracing available in highly specialized visualization tool Render PRO Module available in standard!
  • options of adjusting Global Illumination parameters
  • options of quick creation of various versions of visualization of the same project (different Colour Tones, changes in contrast and brightness of the scene and many others
  • analysis of refracted and reflected rays (Ray tracing) ensures ideal look of glass and other transparent objects and recursive reflections in mirrors
  • options of saving illustrations in 3x Full HD, Export 3D animations and CAD Share-it presentations
  • virtual walks in the scene rendered in real time can be recorded as AVI videos in Full HD resolution – see sample videos made in CAD Decor PRO!
  • free access to your PRO account in the CAD Share-it mobile app for on-line presentations: 1 GB of server space with a monthly limit of 2,000 downloads and no exchange limit (for customers with active service pack)
  • another way of presentation for your project using VR technology in the obserVeR application
  • Our Service Package includes a 1-year free technical support, online updates and free access to databases and can be prolonged each following year at a very affordable price

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Here we present some visualizations made in CAD Decor PRO program. Both our favorite projects and those chosen from the designers gallery.