CAD Share-it


AD Share-it is an application enabling managing 3D designs in a cloud and easy sharing them with users of mobile devices. It is an innovative solution created for interior designers, who seek unconventional, interactive forms of presentation, as well as for their customers, who can now ‘visit’ the designed interior online. Share-it system allows to convenient and fast exporting visualizations of 3D designs from our programs to smartphones and tablets with Android, PC computers and a source code of your own website.

3D designs, which are perfect „mobile adverts”, can be shared in e-mails with QR codes and a thumbnail, linking to a single design or interactive gallery, which are automatically generated by the app. The designs are managed in your individual account on an exterior server, with up to 1 GB space for your works. Designs stored in your space can be successively exchanged. All this can be done without using your own disk space.

CAD Share-it mobile system is dedicated to our most active and loyal clients. Because this new product is highly innovative, it operates only in the new versions of our programs. Designers using these interior design tools gain yet another way of presenting their ideas. Their customers, on the other hand, do not need anything but the Internet connection and a link to a design, to be able to take a virtual walk through the arranged interior. The CAD Share-it app supports over 4000 various mobile devices (smartphones with Android and majority of tablets).

Why CAD Share-it?

  • rapid, fluent and convenient management of design galleries – creating portfolios of your works of presenting one design from many perspectives, with option of  transition between rooms
  • disk space for your designs: 100 MB in the BASIC account (no exchange limit and limit of 200 downloads) and 1 GB on the PRO account (with a monthly limit of 2000 downloads and no exchange limit)
  • comfortable sharing 3D designs via e-mail, using QR codes or at your own website
  • CAD Share-it for Android on Cardboard 3D goggles (requires gyroscope and Android version at least 4!)
  • automatically generated e-mails containing a preview linking to the projects, a QR code and links to the free mobile application in Google Play or Apple Store
  • analysis of design solutions with your customer ‘on the run’ and ‘at a distance’, greatly speeds up setting the details together and shortens the delivery time
  • customers can walk through virtual spaces, going from one room to another
  • thanks to the Multi–Touch technique, it is easy to change, zoom it and out or move the view, as well as to rotate in the virtual interior as a gyroscope, and watching the design becomes a fascinating, interactive adventure
  • to publish projects at any website it is enough to implement galleries from CAD Share–it in its source code (a gallery once shared on your site is no longer taken into account for download quotas)
  • you can present your work as printed visualization with QR code for the design, which can be viewed by every smartphone or tablet user after downloading a free CAD Share–it mobile app
  • quotas of exchanging and downloading designs renew on the 1st of each month, and users of PRO accounts can monitor them in views statistics
  • there are 11 language versions and possibility of changing the language of sent e-mails
  • CAD Share–it is serviced exclusively in regards to cooperation with our interior design software, but it is so easy to use and intuitive, that its operation should not cause any problems
  • the BASIC version – available for free for users of CAD Decor 2.X/3.X, CAD Kitchens 6.X/7.X with and CAD Kitchens MAX 6.X/7.X with valid Service Package
  • the PRO version – for owners of CAD Decor PRO/CAD Decor PRO 3.0 with valid Service Package available for free, annual fee 150 Euro for users of CAD Decor 2.X/3.X, CAD Kitchens 6.X/7.X and CAD Kitchens MAX 6.X/7.X
  • galleries created in PRO and BASIC accounts are separate and independent: after using the monthly quota of views for the BASIC account, you can generate the same gallery in the PRO account and keep sending it to clients, using the quota for the PRO account for the particular month.

Mobile apps and systems are still a fresh topic, so we will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions. Send them to!

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