Keyboard shortcuts and commands

Function keys
[F1]In the work environment: opens IntelliCAD Help / In the visualization: turns on the lights
[F2]Opens the operation history preview
[F3]Enables or disables the cursor snap function (ESNAP)
[F4]Enables or disables the tablet
[F7]Enables or disables the GRID (grid points in every 500 mm)
[F8]Enables or disables the ORTHO mode (drawing at right angles)
[F9]Enables or disables the cursor jump function (SNAP – set to 1 mm)
[F10]Shows or hides the Status Bar
[F11]Opens the quick preview of visualization
[F12]Opens the visualization

[Ctrl] + [left button]Rotates the view in 3D
[Ctrl] + [right button]Rotates the view in 2D
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [left button]Zooms the current view in or out (in real time)
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [right button]Moves the current view (in real time)
[Scroll wheel pressed, mouse moved]Moves the current view (in real time)
[Scroll wheel rolled]Zooms the current view in or out
[Scroll wheel double clicked]Sets the central view at the entire drawing

[Ctrl]+[Z]Undoes operation(in CAD environment: to the very beginning, in visualization: 20 latest
[Ctrl]+[Y]Redoes undone operations
[Ctrl]+[S]Saves the drawing
[Ctrl]+[O]Opens the drawing
[Ctrl]+[N]Creates a new drawing
[E]>>[Enter] or [Del]Deletes the element
[CO]>>[Enter] or [Space]Copies the element
[M]>>{Enter] or [Space]Moves the element
[X]>>[Enter] or [Space]Splits the element
[RE]>>[Enter] or [Space]Regenerates the drawing
[U]>>[Enter] or [Space]Undoes the last step during drawing (using any drawing tool)
[Enter] or [Space] or [right mouse button]Ends the current or repeats the last operation
[Esc]Terminates or ends the current operation, closes the window (canceling the changes)

While drawing a paths
[A]>>[Enter] or [Space]Switches to drawing arcs, based on 2 points
[S]>> Enter] or [Space]Switches from drawing arcs based on 2 points to drawing arcs based on 3
(user indicated 3 points: starting, second – to go through, and ending)
[L]>>[Enter] or [Space]Switches to drawing straight lines
[C]>>[Enter] or [Space]Closes the path (note: option inactive in the arc-drawing mode)