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obserVeR application – a virtual world of the designed interior

The obserVeR application, used to carry out a virtual walk through the designed interior in the real time technique, is compatible with the most advanced interior design program – CAD Decor PRO and with our other programs that have advanced rendering functions (Render PRO). We created it for designers to meet the growing need for interaction and to make visualization of the interior of a dream project in VR technology, among more and more demanding clients. Images and innovative forms of presentation attack us from every angle, which is why we decided to introduce virtual reality solutions in interior design. For users of our programs, this is another option of presenting their project (alongside photorealistic visualizations, avi movies, CAD Share-it presentation), from the side of investors and principals, a virtual walk through the virtual interior is a very pleasant entrance to virtual reality.

With today’s update, in the Professional Rendering Module there is a button to export the project directly to the VR 3D HTC Vive goggles (export project). First, read our short instruction carefully, in which we describe how to export, save and “operate” this file. The received file can be opened using the obserVeR application and the fun starts here. When HTC Vive goggles are connected to the computer, the project will automatically launch in goggles. Calibration of the available space, in which we can present our virtual interiors and start controllers are a few simple steps, presented regular when launching goggles and on the manufacturer’s website. Thanks to this, it is possible to move inside the designed room. The assessment of the height, distance and general ergonomics of the interior is entering a completely new level. Moving around the interior reminds what we know from computer games. The use of VR 3D goggles additionally strengthens the effect. You can rotate, peek in all directions and just walk.

For the designer, it has one more advantage. You can export the entire interior with one quick operation. This is especially useful when you have completed all visualizations… the customer decided to change the colour of the walls. It will no longer be necessary to render 10 visualizations anew, after making changes to the project, it is enough to render the whole room again and export another CPV file. What is the effect? Just watch the movie.

However, this is not the end of good news. In case you do not have VR 3D goggles, you can move around the exported interior using the mouse and keyboard, and watch it on the monitor in the obserVeR application. Thanks to this we can send to the client a project with instructions how to download the obserVeR application and open your project in it. The client will be able to do his walk on the virtual interior on each computer with the mouse or finger in screen resolution, i.e. the one that will automatically adjust to the size of the screen on which it will be displayed. What is the difference between a virtual walk without goggles and a presentation made in CAD Share-it? The presentation made in CAD Share-it places the observer in the middle of the room and allows him to turn around his own axis, zooming in and out. ObserVeR takes us to every place of the interior design being watched, just like in a computer game (so far only on our computer). See the video to understand how it works.

And one more note. The design of a virtual space only makes sense if the visualization of the interior is made with the utmost care and in the best quality. Therefore, just like working in Render PRO and CAD Decor PRO, we recommend users of our programs appropriate graphics cards, because only with such parameters we are able to guarantee smooth operation and the highest quality of the virtual interior. Due to its innovativeness, the obserVeR application can only work with the latest versions of our interior design and visualization programs.

If you have an active service package, obserVeR, in which you will be able to perform the presentation of the interior in VR 3D technology, you can find in your online updater.

We hope that you will use obserVeR in various ways, in accordance with your expectations and needs. We’ve been testing this application for the last year at various industry events and…. it’s really worth it. VR technology has stolen hearts not only designers but also your clients and investors. No matter how we call it, panorama VR, VR visualization or a virtual walk. It’s about telling your story in the most interactive possible way. Check yourself, best before your competition.

See how the presentation of your project can look in a whole new dimension. Your client is not convinced, has a problem with the final decision regarding details or furniture? Or maybe you want to surprise him. With obserVeR and VR 3D HTC Vive goggles, everything is really simple.

Don’t have VR 3D HTC Vive goggles? It doesn’t matter, you can still use the latest CAD Decor PRO and Render PRO update and obserVeR functionality. All you need to do is open the exported file in the obserVeR application on your computer, and the client will be able to look into every room of your project using the mouse and keyboard.

Don’t forget about obserVeR operating manual. After reading it, everything should become simple and intuitive. You can always rely on our technical support.

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